The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Tribe Brand

Inspired by the carved wooden surfboards of Polynesia, Tribe Eyewear was founded in 2013 is a unique brand which reconnects the wearer with age-old tradition and nature.

The Tribe brand was forged by a special friendship and partnership between founders Jonny and Jimmy who played rugby together. Jonny and Jimmy loved being outdoors, which included hiking and surfing together. On their journeys, they tried to go back to the roots of surfing in the tropical South Pacific. On this journey, they were inspired by the different communities and tribes they met along the way. When they put together their business, designing clothes, watches, and eyewear, they tried to emulate much of the pared down yet elegant wooden craftsmanship they saw on their travels. Because they had taken so much inspiration from local tribesmen, it felt right for the brand to be called tribe. The name stuck and they’ve been very successful in the relatively short time they’ve been in business.

Initially, Tribe started out with a range of wallets, watches, card holders and surfboards. With these surfer-friendly accessories, the addition of eyewear to their collection was the next logical step. Tribe was able to bring its well-known wooden style to the forefront with its sunglasses collection. All of the frames are made from wood and finished to maintain their wood like grains and textures. The effect is completely unique and perfect for anyone who loves sunglasses and is looking for something more natural and different to modern plastic design.

Each and every frame from Tribe is totally unique with different wood-grains shaped by the elements and moulded by hand into both classic and contemporary silhouettes. Featured in Red Rosewood, Zebra Wood and Sandalwood; Tribe choose their materials well to outlast the elements. No two pairs are the same; it’s this handmade quality that many find so attractive!

Never shying from premium quality materials, Tribe sunglasses are also equipped with UV400 polarised lenses and every piece of Tribe eyewear is presented with a bespoke Bamboo case to keep your Tribe sunglasses safe on your adventures. It’s this attention to detail, with the wooden case, that impresses us most, and we always appreciate a sunglasses designer that makes polarised lenses its default! Polarised lenses do so much more than just protect your eyes from harmful UV rays; they cut out the glare from reflective surfaces like glass and water. It makes sense that a fashion and eyewear company inspired by surfing would make sure all of its sunglasses are polarised when you consider how much glare comes off the water when you’re surfing.

Tribe is an impressive brand with a genuinely unique aesthetic. It’s so impressive that a new brand can find a new angle in the eyewear industry and they deserve every success! There is a warm, friendly, accessible brand identity behind Tribe, and its motto is: Ride the wave. Join the tribe.

Tribe Sunglasses