Tommy Hilfiger Brand Guide

Despite his first fashion store going bankrupt, Tommy Hilfiger turned down jobs at Calvin Klein and other leading design houses to continue his dream of building his own fashion company. In 1982, he achieved this dream, founding Tommy Hilfiger Corporation with help from The Murjani Group.

Tommy went from strength to strength as the brand’s all-American styling and commitment to high quality gained global recognition. Soon, the now instantly recognisable red, white and blue logo could be found in department stores around the world. In fact, by 2004 the company had over 5000 employees and turnover of almost $2 billion.

After a drop in sales, Calvin Klein eventually bought the brand. But rather than change the brand’s look and feel, this purchase has seen the brand re-focus their design ethos on the classic red, white and blue preppy styles for which Tommy Hilfiger first become known.

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