Tens Brand Guide

‘The Real Life Photo Filter’

If you ever wondered what life would be like through rose-coloured lenses, Tens Life sunglasses have the answer. With a story so unique and of-the-time, Tens Sunglasses have already made their mark on fashion history.

In 2014 Tom Welsh, Kris Reid and Marty Bell: the names behind the Edinburgh based group Tens Life set out to create a pair of sunglasses which emulated the soft sepia tones and flattering filters of the globally popular photo web app Instagram. 

Drawing experience from their knowledge of photographic and film colour-grading, they came up with the novel idea of applying the same concept to sunglasses. From a simple prototype creating ‘sense heightening’ technology with basic sleek classic unisex frame designs, the idea grew and Tens became the sunglasses that everyone was talking about.

Tens Life launched a campaign in May 2014 to generate funding for their miracle shades and exceeded the their of £9,000 within 16 days after launch; giving way to a true entrepreneurial internet phenomenon. Donations grew to £100,000 with 6,000 pre-order requests made by backers worldwide.

Now featured in every major magazine and newspaper including Vice, The Telegraph, Esquire, WIRED, Grazia, The Huffington Post, Time and Hypebeast; Tens Life Sunglasses are the perfect centerpiece to any wardrobe.  

Available in simple but playful hues of navy, black, deep red and teal, the Tens Life sunglasses adopt a traditional Wayfarer style silhouette. Yet their innovation lies in the lenses. Seventies inspired sepia tones bring warmth and perfection to your vision whatever the weather. Tens exceed the photo-chromatic and polarised technology that dominates; working mostly with the warmth of the sun rather than against it in a way that no other sunglasses can.

Tens Life sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory or technological achievement; they are a cultural wonder and are ready to change your view of the world 

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