The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Swarovski Brand

Swarovski has been offering the finest crystal glass jewellery since 1895, when Daniel Swarovski founded the company in Austria. Using his patented electric glass-cutting machine, Swarovski soon established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of glass jewellery, fashion accessories, and ornaments in the world.

Today the company is still run by the Swarovski family from their Austrian headquarters, it has grown to become the most famous cut crystal manufacturer in the World. Swarovski employs hundreds of people and is, without doubt, one of the truly legendary designer jewellery brands of the last century. The Swarovski brand is famous all around the World, with branches in over 170 countries. With such widespread success, it made sense to expand its output, so Swarovski expanded into areas such as architecture and interiors, the brand has also stayed loyal to its fashion accessories roots by launching a range of designer sunglasses for women in 2011.

Whilst Swarovski is relatively new to the sunglasses industry, it most certainly isn’t new to the design World. This means that it had a huge head start when it began designing eyewear. Swarovski cleverly managed to find an eyewear style that was consistent with its aesthetic without relying too heavily on crystal. In fact, most of the designs in the collection of Swarovski sunglasses here at Red Hot Sunglasses have an unmistakably modern look to them, and very little crystal

In colour palette and aesthetics, the Swarovski aesthetic has an ever-so-slight American feel to it, and could comfortably sit alongside the likes of Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren.

Several Swarovski sunglasses designs feature the company’s gemstones for a truly unique, high glamour look that has drawn widespread acclaim in the fashion world. Although most of Swarovski’s sunglasses don’t have crystals, there are a few with extravagant, eye-catching crystal embellishments. There are other ranges, such as ‘Chocolat’ and ‘Cabaret’, which offer a more understated grace and character, proving it doesn’t always take diamante and gemstones to sparkle and dazzle!

Swarovski sunglasses have been spotted on Christina Aguilera Cheryl Cole, Fergie and many more glamourous celebrities! Such popularity with celebrities will ensure that this relatively new range of sunglasses will be around for the foreseeable future and help develop the already rich heritage of the Swarovski brand.

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