The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Storm Brand

Founded in London in 1989, STORM started as a manufacturer of watches exclusively, offering innovative designs in a number of high quality materials. The brand quickly established itself as a pioneer in the development of truly individual, innovative, stylish watches and became highly coveted around the world. STORM whole ethos was based around the idea that it’s perfectly possible to make great, well-designed watches at affordable prices. In other words, they wanted to produce luxury timepieces without the luxury prices!

STORM was founded by Anna Lee and her husband, Steve Sun in 1989. Steve produced the sketches for the initial watch designs and they were so original that he found it difficult to get a factory willing to work with him. However, as all great designers will tell you, it’s often good to go against the grain — harder at the beginning, but better in the long run when people reward you for your originality! This is exactly what happened, STORM began to get noticed around the World. The brand wasn’t an overnight success — however, it grew very quickly!

STORM’s true success only came later, at the turn of the millennium. STORM expanded their product range to include jewellery, clothing, bags, wallets, umbrellas, and a fantastic range of designer sunglasses. All of the new designs felt fresh; they were also loyal to the brand’s unique creative ethos that combines unconventional materials with precision instrumentation. The result is a range of different collections that harmonise with each other. So, if you have a STORM watch, wallet, or jewellery, there’s a very good chance that a pair of STORM sunglasses will match with them perfectly!

STORM’s range of designer sunglasses involve just as much precision engineering as its incredible range of watches. From performance sports frames such as the ‘Tech Pro’ model to more fashion-conscious styles like the ‘Stella Pilot’ model, the STORM sunglasses range offers truly individual frames in a number of colours and styles that push the boundaries of both fashion and performance.

The STORM brand name has an interesting origin. The design company that would later be called STORM was up and running, although it didn’t have its name settled. Steve was on a plane and it hit a storm, creating quite a bit of turbulence. It made for a slightly scary ride. Steve was inspired by the experience and decided to call the brand STORM because it was a strong, powerful, force of nature!

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