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The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Saint Lauren Brand

Among the most famous and celebrated designers of the 20th century, Yves Saint Laurent’s influence on the fashion world is nothing short of monumental. From his early days under the tutelage of Christian Dior to his death in 2008, Saint Laurent offered timeless yet innovative designs that lived at the cutting edge of fashion more consistently than any other designer. 

After working under Christian Dior for only a few years, Saint Laurent suddenly found himself as head designer of the fashion house when Dior suffered a fatal heart attacked. While many would have been overwhelmed with such responsibility, Saint Laurent’s first collection, in 1958, saved the company from bankruptcy and propelled him to international stardom. 

Saint Laurent’s success at Dior was short lived as he was conscripted to the army and subsequently fired. After this short but extremely traumatic hiatus, Saint Laurent founded his own company in 1960 and went on to produce the designs for which he is best known – masculine tailoring in womenswear including the iconic tuxedo suit for women and ‘ready-to-wear’ fashion ranges that sought to democratise the fashion industry. 

As Saint Laurent’s influence grew, so did his range. It wasn’t long until his streamlined and untouchably chic style was seen in a range of designer sunglasses. Today’s range still bears the mark of his influence, with consummate elegance and delicate simplicity engrained in both the men’s Saint Laurent sunglasses and women’s Saint Laurent sunglasses collections. 

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