The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Ryders Eyewear Brand

The Ryders Eyewear brand started off in Vancouver originally, on its competitive mountain bike scene. There was a huge demand for cycling sunglasses that reduced glare, protected wearers’ eyes, and stayed snug and fitted to the wearer’s head. Ryders sunglasses do all of this and more, with a quality and clarity to their lenses that allows cyclists to see their surroundings as clearly as possible. This clarity of vision, this perspective, can make all the difference on the road or racing down a mountain track. Ryders was developed to meet the needs of extreme mountain cyclists; it’s an incredibly dangerous sport if your vision is suddenly compromised and the intense competition on the mountain bike scene pushed competitors to look for better and better eyewear.

Ryders wasn’t just designed for cyclists; it was designed by a cyclist — and a pretty great one at that! The 1986 Canadian Mountain Bike Championships crowned Brent Martin its champion and Martin decided to found his own eyewear company off the back of his success and new-found fame in the industry. Brent Martin’s unique position as one of the greatest mountain bike pros in the World had given him all of the insight he needed to ensure that Ryders sunglasses would meet the needs of the most serious cyclists.

As mountain bikers put all of their gear through the wars, one of Ryders’ main objectives was design sunglasses that wouldn’t break easily. This is something they definitely achieved! In fact, many sports enthusiasts that don’t cycle still regularly choose Ryders sunglasses over other designers exactly because they are so strong and well made. There is so much more to Ryders than just tough cycling sunglasses. They have evolved over the years into a really impressive (and stylish) eyewear designer. Ryders know that utility is only part of the job and that their designs have to look great too; they’ve created a very stylish range of sunglasses alongside their sports range. This means that you can opt for a more fashion-oriented design or a pair of Ryders’ classic cycling sunglasses.

Ryders is still based in Vancouver, and this connection to the city extends to the mountain-bike scene in the surround West coast of Canada. That said, the quality and style of Ryders has gradually garnered more and more respect around the World and its various sunglass collections can be found across North America, Europe, and Asia! Providing you live in the UK, anything you order from Red Hot Sunglasses before 4pm today could get to you by the next working day (based on selecting a next-working-day delivery service)!

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