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RetroSuperFuture Brand Guide

SUPER by Retrosuperfuture is an eyewear brand that comes from Italy originally. It was founded by Daniel Beckerman in 2007 and it has become incredibly popular with many style icons and celebrities, including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Jessica Alba – to only name a few.

Browse through the women’s SUPER by Retrosuperfuture sunglasses and men’s SUPER by Retrosuperfuture sunglasses. In both collections, you’ll see how Beckerman has taken modern and futuristic designs and made them his own. There is a lot of black in the collection, with hints of colour in the lenses.

All of the sunglasses made by SUPER by Retrosuperfuture are made to the highest quality. They are luxury designer sunglasses at a slightly lower cost than many of their competitors.

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