Red Hot Sunglasses FAQs

Are your products genuine?

We are an authorised online retailers of all the products we sell, everything available for sale on Red Hot is sourced directly from the manufacturers. Every products we order is 100% genuine and sold at a competitive price.

You can identify the products’ authenticity by the packaging, accessories, the care leaflets included and the logos which usually appear on the temples or lenses depending on the model. We guarantee that we will never sell fake goods or cheap imitations.

What brands do you sell?

You can find out more information about this on our brand page where we list all of the designer brands that we currently have in stock.

How can I find out more about your products?

So you can make an informed decision before you purchase, our product pages include full specification and product information regarding each product. For further information regarding a product our friendly customer service operatives would be happy to help at

How do I know if the goods I wish to order are in stock?

All sunglasses that are showing as in stock should be available to buy. However, sometimes due to high demand, a style may still be showing as in stock when it has actually been sold out and our stock system has not yet had time to update.

If you would like to order a pair of sunglasses which are currently listed as ‘Out of Stock’ you can click the ‘Email Me When Back in Stock’ option and you will receive an automatic email when they arrive from our supplier.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. All Red Hot Sunglasses’ online payments are taken through secure payment gateways PayPal and Sage Pay; both of which are widely used and offer buyer protection on all transactions.

Do I have to pay for my order online or can I do this via phone or email?

We do not take payments via phone or email. All orders must be paid for online via our website payment gateways.

Do you offer discounts?

From time to time we'll offer promotional discounts, check out our discount page for the latest offers.

Please be aware that only one code can be applied per order, discounts cannot be applied to sale items and that some codes will have expiry dates.

Price Match?

We price all items on our site at our discretion in accordance with the standard Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

We are open to price match requests providing that the seller offers Next Day Delivery and is an authentic authorised eyewear reseller based in the UK. Price match requests must be made prior to the order being placed.

As per our Terms and Conditions, we cannot refund your order to match the price of another site once your order has been placed, processed or dispatched.


All prescription glasses & prescription sunglasses orders are exempt from our UK Next Working Day, Two Day and Express International Delivery services due to the nature of the prescription treatment.

Prescription orders can take between 5-10 working days depending on treatment selected.

We currently do not offer varifocal, bifocal or mirror lens treatments.

Please be aware that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their prescription is both valid and correct and agreeing to our prescription terms is part of the order process.

Prescription items cannot be returned and issued a refund or exchange.

All sale items and sunglasses are excluded from the Free Single Vision Prescription lens offer.

Why can’t I place an order online?

This may be a technical error or a problem with the way you are attempting to pay for your order. Please take care to double check all your details including the payment method and currency (if paying from overseas).

We also advise clearing your cache, refreshing your browser and attempting to place the order again from the beginning.

If you are still having problems placing an order online please contact or customer service team via email or call +44 191 466 1118

What happens after I place my order?

You will receive a confirmation email with an order reference number. You will then receive a tracking email from our courier advising you of a delivery time frame.

Delivery Queries?

Please see our delivery details page for information regarding deliveries.

What is your returns policy?

Please view our returns policy page for more information on returning items. 

What is the optional maintenance kit?

The Red Hot Sunglasses Maintenance Kit is an extra which customers can add to their sunglasses order for an additional cost of £5. The maintenance kit is a small travel pack which includes a mini screwdriver with key ring, a white microfiber cleaning cloth and a spray-pump lens cleaner. All items come in a transparent plastic case (10x4cm).

How can I contact Red Hot Sunglasses?

If anything is unclear or you need to speak to a member of the team for whatever reason we can answer your query directly at;

Alternatively you can find us here;

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing the Right Glasses and Sunglasses

This is perhaps the most important question to ask when looking to purchase a pair of designer sunglasses. Our faces come in all shapes and sizes, but there are five generally accepted face shapes and a lot of time has gone into working out what type of sunglasses go best with each face type.

What Sunglasses Suit my Face Shape?

Women’s Face Shapes

Oval faces

Women with oval-shaped faces are very fortunate, as all styles and shapes of sunglasses seem to work for them. Feel free to try out as many types of sunglasses as you can, finding the style you like most. You can also keep up with any designer trends, as you can be certain that your face with suit whatever styles comes into fashion.

Round faces

Women with round faces need sunglasses that add definition and angles, breaking up the outline of their face a little. Many Ray Ban and Tom Ford designs are perfect for round-shaped faces – especially their unique take on aviators.

Square faces (also known as oblong)

As you might expect, women with square-shaped faces should try to soften or break up their angles with square sunglasses. Aviators are also a fantastic choice for women with oblong faces.

Heart-shaped faces

Women with heart-shaped faces have wide cheekbones, a pointed chin and a wide forehead. This is a very feminine face shape and cat-eye frames are ideal, as are wayfarers. It’s important to keep your styles smaller and neater than other face shapes.

Men’s Face Shapes

Oval faces

Men with oval faces are perhaps the luckiest, as their face shape goes with pretty much any style of sunglasses. Not limited to specific sunglass styles, you can change with time, keeping up with all of the latest designer trends.

Round faces

Men with round faces need to be a little more selective than men with oval-shaped faces. Use strong lines and hard angles to add definition to your face. Our range of Tom Ford sunglasses is a great place to start looking.

Square faces (also known as oblong)

Men with square faces have to careful that they don’t accentuate their already angular features. There’s nothing wrong with a square-shaped face (just ask Brad Pitt). Aviators, are the perfect option, as their inverted teardrop shape adds definition to your cheekbones and your already defined bone structure. Browse the entire range of Aviator Sunglasses here at Red Hot Sunglasses.

Diamond-shaped faces

Men with diamond-shaped faces are the counterpart to women’s heart-shaped faces. It’s really the same thing: wide forehead and cheekbones that taper down to a pointed chin. It is best to choose sunglasses that angle diagonally at the top outside corner. Aviators are ideal – as are many of the styles in our collection of Oakley sunglasses.

What sunglasses suit an oval face?

If you have an oval face then you should consider yourself very lucky. Oval faces are easily the most versatile as they suit any style of sunglasses.

Famous women with oval faces

Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Rihanna all have oval faces, so you may like to look at a few pictures of these lovely ladies to help you choose the right sunglasses for you. As you have an oval face, you can try any type of sunglasses, keeping up with any designer trends as and when they develop. However, larger frames, like many in our Dolce & Gabbana collection, are ideal for oval-shaped faces.

Famous men with oval faces

Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal and George Clooney all have oval faces, so you’re in very good company. You can get a few style ideas by checking out photos of these stars wearing designer sunglasses. With an oval face, you aren’t limited to any one style of sunglasses. However, larger frames look especially good on oval faces, so you may like to check out our range of wayfarer and aviator designer sunglasses.

What sunglasses suit round faces?

If you have a round face, then your goal with designer sunglasses is to add definition and shape to your soft features. Opting for sunglasses with very large, very wide frames is the best choice for someone with a round face, as it will break up the circular shape, adding definition to your face.

Famous women with round faces

Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis and Emma Stone all have round faces, so you’re in beautiful company – you just have to a little careful about which designer sunglasses you choose. Look to add definition and angles to your face with larger frames from our Ray Ban or Prada collections.

Famous men with round faces

Gerard Butler, Justin Timberlake and Ewan McGregor all have round faces, so you are in great company, you just have to be a little more selective about your sunglasses. Use strong lines and hard angles to add definition to your face. The Tom Ford collection here at Red Hot Sunglasses is the perfect place to start looking.

What sunglasses suit square faces?

If you have a square face (also commonly referred to as oblong), then you should look for sunglasses that do not accentuate your square shape any further. Round frames and aviators are great for adding definition without accentuating your already angular features.

Famous women with square faces

Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde and Gwyneth Paltrow all have square faces, so you are in very beautiful company. Break up your angles with softer, curved lines; our cat-eye and round designer frame ranges are great places to start looking. As you might expect, women with square-shaped faces should try to soften or break up their angles with big sunglasses. Aviators are also a fantastic choice for women with oblong faces.

Famous men with square faces

Henry Cavill, Chris Pine and Brad Pitt all have square faces, so you’re in some pretty handsome company. Avoid highlighting your angular features by wearing round, bold frames, or square frames wider than your face. The teardrop shape of the aviator style adds definition to your cheekbones and is perfect for any square-face man. Check out Red Hot’s entire range of Aviator Sunglasses today.

What sunglasses suit a heart-shaped face?

Heart-shaped faces are incredibly feminine and are characterised by their wide cheekbones, wide forehead and pointed chin. Keeping your sunglasses small and neat will accentuate your elegant, feminine features. Famous women with heart-shaped faces Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon all have heart-shaped faces, so you’re in beautiful company. Use cat-eye styles and wayfarers to accentuate your face shape.

What sunglasses suit a diamond-shaped face?

Men with diamond-shaped faces have a wide forehead and cheekbones that taper down to a pointed chin. The ideal frames for your diamond-shaped face are Aviators or square-shaped frames, as they widen your face slightly, balancing out your jawline a little.

Famous men with diamond-shaped faces

Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine and David Beckham all have Diamond-shaped faces, so you’re in some pretty handsome company, and they all look stunning in aviators, so check out our range today.

What sunglasses designs are in style?

Designer sunglass fashion changes significantly over time, and 2016 is an exciting year for designer eyewear. Despite the changing fashions, however, some brands have established their own keystone styles that only change slightly over time. These brands are able to keep up with trends without sacrificing their brand identity. Here’s our pick of 2016’s top sunglass designers:

Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s men and women’s designer glasses are getting even more attention in 2016. This makes sense when you consider Tom Ford’s ever-growing profile as one of the most stylish and accomplished men planet Earth has to offer. In 2016 we’ve noticed Tom Ford’s amazing aviator styles getting more and more traction. You can get your own Tom Ford designer glasses today.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is always in the forefront of designer sunglass fashion, and 2016 is no different. The brand always maintains its elegant, vintage aesthetic. It’s this vintage look that Giorgio Armani manages to reinvent again and again, keeping it current and iconic at the same time. Look out for more Giorgio Armani eyewear trends in 2016 and check out our entire range of Giorgio Armani glasses today.


Gucci is one of the most universal eyewear brands in the world. In 2016, we’re seeing some bold designs, with elegant cat-eye shapes and thick, confident frames with an undeniably Italian aesthetic. Check our range of Gucci sunglasses today.

Ray Bans

Ray Bans are our last big pick for 2016, but they’re certainly not the least. This American superbrand is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of designer glasses. Famous for its aviator styles, look out for Ray Ban’s unique 2016 take on this iconic style. Also look out for Ray Ban’s more delicate Gatsby designs (featured above). Browse our entire Ray Ban range today.

What colour sunglasses should I get?

If you’re considering a new pair of designer sunglasses, then you’ve probably thought a lot about the style (aviators, wayfarers, cat-eye, etc). But choosing the colour of your sunglasses can be almost as important. This short guide has been put together by the experts here at Red Hot Sunglasses to help you choose the right colour(s) for your face and personal style. And as the colour of a pair of sunglasses’ lenses sometimes differ from the frame, we’re going to split this guide into two parts.

Which colour frames should you choose?

The colour of the frame is usually what people focus on when they buy designer sunglasses. The most popular colour is black, because it is neutral and therefore matches well with most people’s wardrobe. Navy works almost as well, but clashes slightly with light greens and many red hues. Ultimately, the best advice is to take stock of your wardrobe and evaluate your colour palette. If you do not tend to wear sunglasses in winter, however, you may like to exclude your winter clothes from this consideration. If your wardrobe is made up mainly of blues, then invest in some blue or navy frames. The same goes for other colours. There are cross overs, however, and other effects, such as tortoise shell, to consider. So whatever you do, browse with an open mind when trying to decide what colour frames your next pair of sunglasses should have. Tortoise shell frames from Ray-Ban. Shop the entire Ray-Ban collection today. Black frames from Tom Ford. Shop the entire Tom Ford collection today.

Which colour of lenses should you choose?

In most sunglasses, the lenses are actually much more visible than the frame, so a lot of consideration should also go into choosing the colour of your lenses. Unlike frames, which come in any colour, lenses have a few typical colours, tints and special effects you might like to consider. With lenses, you don’t just have to think about how you look to others, but also about the colour in which you would like to see the world. The most popular colour of lens is black. It looks cool, sophisticated, and it puts the world into muted shadow for those who wear it. Brown, orange, and amber tones are also very popular. Depending on the tones, you’ll either see the world with a colder, brown tone, or a rich, reddish-orange tone. Orange lenses from Gucci. You can shop the entire Gucci collection today. It’s possible to get more colourful options, such as green, pink, blue and red. But you have to decide if you don’t mind seeing the world in such vivid colours. Perhaps that’s exactly what you want! Pink lenses from Chloé. You can shop the entire Chloé sunglasses collection today. Finally, choosing mirrored lenses is also an option, but it’d be wrong to describe the mirror effect as a colour. This effect is very cool and perfect with the aviator look. Mirrored lenses usually provide a slightly blackened visual effect for the wearer. And that’s it. We hope this guide has helped you choose the colour of your next designer sunglasses. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about this guide or any of our products.

What sunglasses suit a long/narrow face?

People with longer/narrow faces often look for sunglasses that will balance out their features a little. This short guide will tell you find the best sunglasses styles to pair with your longer/narrower face shape. Famous women like Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Taylor Swift all have long faces, so you’re definitely in good company. And male celebs like Jake Gyllenhaal, Russell Brand, and Ryan Gosling, all have long faces—proving that having a longer face can definitely be a good thing. Ray-Ban Wayfarers – view the entire Ray-Ban sunglasses collection today. Speaking generally, the right sunglasses for longer faces, will shorten them slightly, balancing out your features a little. Look for wide rims (such as cat-eye sunglasses) and oversized sunglasses to add width and equilibrium to your face shape. For men with long faces, wayfarers and aviators are the perfect choice as they provide a strong, manly aesthetic and enough width to balance out your face. Above anything else, you should avoid small or narrow frames that only serve to length your face further. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this sunglasses guide for men and women with long/narrow faces.

What sunglasses suit a small face?

Ever wondered what types of sunglasses suit small faces? This guide has been put together by the experts at Red Hot Sunglasses to give you a succinct, helpful answer to this question. Firstly, let’s establish that you have a small face. This might seem obvious, but an essential criterion to having a small space isn’t just that it’s little; it also has to be roughly as wide as it is long. This can give a square or round shape to your face. With your small face, you’re in great-looking company, with the likes of Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Zac Efron. The main goal is to choose a style of sunglasses that elongates your face, adding angles and definition to your features. This can be achieved with smaller square/rectangular frames, as well as cat-eye sunglasses, which curve upwards, adding height and definition. Cat-eye sunglasses from Stella McCartney – view the entire Stella McCartney collection today. The main style people with small faces should avoid is large, round sunglasses, as they will emphasise your already softer, rounder features, making your face seem even smaller than before. Please contact us if you have anything questions about our products or this sunglasses guide for small faces.

What sunglasses fit my nose?

If you have a large or small nose, then you have perhaps struggled a little when trying to find the right sunglasses. This small guide has been put together by the experts here at Red Hot Sunglasses to help men and women with large and small noses find their ultimate pair of designer sunglasses, or at least to point them in the right direction.

Men and women with big noses

Having a big nose is often seen as a barrier against wearing designer eyewear, but we don’t think it should be — especially when you consider that gorgeous celebrities like Javier Bardem, Amanda Seyfried, and many more, have rather larger than average snecks. The best sunglasses for bigger noses compliment their size, making them look a little smaller and more balanced with the rest of your features. There are few pieces of key advice that will steer you in the right direction:

  • Wide and oversized sunglasses can make your features seem smaller. This works particularly well with large noses
  • Thicker, bolder frames emphasize your horizontal dimensions, drawing the eye away from your nose
  • Choosing darker, stronger colours will draw more attention your frames. This, in turn, draws attention away from your nose
  • Choosing square and rectangular frames provides a similar effect and will draw attention away from your nose

Men and women with small noses

If you have a smaller nose, you may be worried about your features getting a little lost behind a pair of sunglasses. But with celebrities like Charlize Theron and Zac Efron sporting smaller-than-average noses, you’re in great company. The best sunglasses for smaller noses draw attention to the brow. The best styles for this job are clubmasters and aviators as they are very top heavy. Cat-eye sunglasses are also great for this, as they pull the eye upwards with the outside curve of the frames. It’s much easier to find sunglasses for smaller noses, so experiment a little in order to find your perfect style. We hope you’ve found this guide useful and that you’re well on your way to finding the perfect designer sunglasses for your nose size. Good luck and happy shopping.

What sunglasses look good on bald guys?

If you’re a bald man, then chances are you had to reconsider your wardrobe and sense of style when you lost your hair. Ever wondered what sunglasses look best on bald guys? Well some styles of sunglasses do look much better on bald guys and the experts here at Red Hot Sunglasses what to share our knowledge with you.

Bald men have more distinguished features

Without hair, men’s faces and features stand out more as the eye is not drawn to their hair instead. The result is that strong, characterful features can have even more impact on a bald man’s face. Sunglasses should accent these features, without overpowering them or distracting from them.

Your face shape changes when you lose your hair

With sunglasses, many people discuss the best face shape for different types of sunglasses. These theories still apply to bald men, but it’s worth taking into account that your face shape changes slightly when you lose your hair as your brow extends, elongating your face. For this reason, sunglasses that balance out longer faces are better, so look for emphasised browlines such as clubmasters and top heavy styles, like aviators and, to a lesser extent, wayfarers.

We hope this short guide has been useful and that you have a much better idea of which sunglasses suit bald men. Please get in touch if you have questions about any of the sunglasses mentioned in this guide.

How to tell women’s sunglasses from men’s?

Whilst shopping for a new pair of shades, it can be confusing when we find a pair we can’t decide is for men or for women. Many of us have wondered how to tell the difference between women’s sunglasses and men’s and this guide hopes to give you a few tell-tale signs to help you differentiate between the two. One way to approach this problem, however, is simply to accept that it doesn’t matter; if you like the look of something and think it suits you, then get it. However, if you’re worried about it, there are some great tips to help you figure out whether a pair of sunglasses were intended for a male or female aesthetic.


Miu Miu Crsytal Rocks round sunglasses, Gems, sequins, and other kinds of bling that are added on to the basic frame are usually only found on women’s sunglasses. However, there is more variety in women’s sunglasses, and there are all more women’s sunglasses without ornamentations. So an unornamented pair of sunglasses isn’t necessary male. You need to investigate further…

Size (oversized)

Dolce and Gabbana flower print oversized sunglasses. Despite having smaller faces, women’s sunglasses tend to be bigger and bolder than men’s. Men’s sunglasses can be big, too (especially sports sunglasses), but this is rare and a pair of big, oversized sunglasses can usually be safely claimed for anyone with a female aesthetic.

Ostentatious Design

It’s hard to quantify what it is about a design that makes it ostentatious. But it’s very easy to point it out when you’re looking at it. Men’s sunglasses can often be simpler and less eye-catching than women’s. This can be observed in the fashion world in general, as this trend tends to occur in clothes as well. Just compare the above two designs from the same designer to see the difference.

Cat-eye Designs

Prada Poeme sunglasses. There is something undeniably feminine about cat-eye sunglasses designs. The upwards flick of the outside corner of the rim is sleek, sensuous and indelibly female. So if there is something slightly feline about the shape of a par of sunglasses’ rims, then they are probably women’s sunglasses.


Wildfox Malibu rose water sunglasses. Although there are plenty of colourful men’s sunglasses, it’s less common than with women’s sunglasses. Men’s sunglasses are usually darker, muted colours (blacks and navies), whilst women’s sunglasses can be any colour, shade or hue. So if you see a particularly bright pair of sunglasses, it is probably more likely that they were originally designed for people with a more traditionally female style.


Whilst shopping for your next pair of designer sunglasses, consider the colour, shape, size and whether it has any flamboyant ornamentations. If you’re in any doubt, get the name of the model of sunglasses and search for them on Google. A different website might have categorised them more clearly in either the men’s or women’s sections. However, ultimately, we all just want to wear whatever we like the look of, so it’s also completely fine to buy whatever pair of designer sunglasses you fancy, and the men’s and women’s sections are just a rough guide for customers. If reading this has put you in the mood for a spot of shopping, then you might like to check out our men’s and women’s sunglasses sections or just look at the entire sunglasses section, choosing whatever catches your fancy!

What colour sunglasses suits my hair colour?

Ever wondered if some sunglasses colours would suit you more than others? Whether a pair of sunglasses suits you is down to a variety of factors and your hair colour is one of them. Pairing your hair colour with your sunglasses’ frame and lens colour will help ensure you find the perfect pair of designer sunglasses. This guide will help you understand what colour of sunglasses best suits your hair colour, looking at blonde, brown, black, and red hair.

What colour sunglasses suit blonde hair?

With blonde hair, it’s almost always better to go for darker sunglasses colours. Black is best! You might want to look at our black sunglasses collection. This is because the darker frames help contrast with your hair, making both your hair and your sunglasses more defined in opposition to each other. However, your blonde hair will also have a particular tone, and this tone will either be warm or cold. If you have warmer, reddish tones in your blonde hair, then you should try dark reds and greens. And if your blonde hair has cool tones, then you can also try dark greys and blues.

What colour sunglasses suit black hair?

Unlike blonde hair, black hair doesn’t usually have a variety of tones. This is good, in a sense, as it means that a larger variety of colours are open to you. However, bigger, bolder colours are best for black hair, as they need to draw the eye away from your rich, dark hair. So statement colours (rich primary and secondary colours) are best, and try to avoid softer, pastel colours, as they will be drowned out.

What colour sunglasses suit brunettes?

The rules for brunette are similar to blondes, where the warm or cool tones of your hair dictate which colours will suit you. If your brown hair has cooler tones, then look for soft blues and pinks. And if your brown hair has warmer tones, then slightly richer blues and blacks are the ideal choice. As there is probably the widest variety of brunettes, it’s a great idea to find a fashionable celebrity with similar hair colour to you and Google them, seeing what colours of sunglasses they’ve been photographed wearing over the last few years.

What colour sunglasses suit red hair?

Ginger hair is always warm, so you don’t have to fret about warm or cool tones. With red hair, green is the best choice because both colours offset each other well, making your hair and your sunglasses really stand out. However, red hair also pairs very well with neutral colours, such as white and black. And there you have it, a brief look at which colour of sunglasses suit different hair colours. Just remember that none of this is an exact science and that you can go for whatever colour you like best and make it work for you. If you’d like to try out your new-found knowledge, have a look through our range of designer sunglasses, filtering out the results by colour to find what you’re looking for.

What colour sunglasses suits my skin tone?

Just as the shape of your face will dictate which style of sunglasses suits you best, your skin tone also impacts which colour of sunglasses suit you. None of this is an exact science, but there are some general guidelines that might help you narrow down a palette that works with your natural skin tones. Read on to find out which colour of sunglasses suits your skin tone!

What colour of sunglasses suits dark skin?

If you have darker skin tones, then lighter, brighter colours are the right choice for you. White frames can look luxurious and elegant against darker skin. A sunny palette of reds, oranges and yellows work perfectly with the warmer, darker tones in your skin, so look out for colourful Italian designers such as Gucci, Versace, and Miu Miu.

What colour sunglasses suits olive skin?

If you have medium, olive skin tones, then sunglasses in medium colours are the best bet. This way, you complement your skin tones instead of drowning them out. Look for soft oranges, blues and pinks, paying more attention to how these colours match up with your hair than your skin tone.

What colour sunglasses suit pale skin?

If you have pale skin, then darker sunglasses are the best option for you. As with the other skin tones, it’s all about balance. However, don’t necessarily go straight for black, as darker reds, navies and greens might suit your cool or warm skin tones a little more, and hair colour also has a role to play in what colour of sunglasses will suit you best. You can read the companion guide, about hair colour, here. And there you have it. We hope this guide gave you a little more to go on for when you embark on your next designer sunglasses shopping excursion. Doing a little bit of reading beforehand, as well as taking the time to take note of your colourings, can make the shopping experience much easier.