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The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Ralph Lauren Brand

From an initial range of men’s ties back in 1967, Ralph Lauren has grown into one of the most recognisable, well-loved and critically acclaimed fashion brands in the world. Today, the brand includes a huge range of menswear, womenswear, fragrances, home furnishings, accessories and more – all demonstrating the same classic, preppy style that has become almost synonymous with the brand.

The Ralph Lauren range is slightly different from the Polo Ralph Lauren range for which Ralph Lauren became famous. It offers a formal look with a touch of glamour as opposed to a more casual, almost sporty feel. Nevertheless, with Ralph Lauren you can always be sure you are buying a true design classic that defies the intransigence of much contemporary fashion.

Nowhere is this truer than with Ralph Lauren sunglasses. While they are undoubtedly a fantastic piece of luxury and glamour, they are equally a strong investment, guaranteed to look just as good and make as strong a statement in years to come as they do today.

Our range of women’s Ralph Lauren sunglasses includes several fantastic styles, such as Ralph Lauren cateye sunglasses and the increasingly popular Ralph Lauren round sunglasses. Divulge yourself in all-American luxury and effortless cool with a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses, available to buy online today with free UK next day delivery and free worldwide delivery.

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Polo Ralph Lauren

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren is now among the most famous and influential fashion designers in the world. Starting the Polo brand with a range of ties in 1967, his ambition was to create a timeless style that combined Ivy League classics and time-honoured English haberdashery with downtown styles and all-American sporting looks.

Before too long, the brand expanded to a full range of menswear and, in 1971, womenswear – a reinvention of the classic men's tailored shirt line. It was at this time that the Polo player motif made its first appearance. It has been an ever present ever since, growing to become the true symbol of the modern preppy lifestyle.

Still headquartered in New York, the brand today is truly global and one of the market leaders in the supply to retail of high-end casual clothes for men and women, accessories, fragrances, home and other lifestyle products, including sunglasses. Staying close to the classic style and discreet elegance that defines the brand, Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses also offer a casual edge making them suitable for all everyday wear. It’s no wonder they are among the most popular sunglasses brands in the world.

Our range of men’s Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses offer a true lifestyle statement that reflects a desire for unique style without the need to make a splash – a victory of classic style over fashion. Browse our full range of Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses and buy online today. Free UK next day delivery and free worldwide delivery is available on all Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses orders.

If there were ever a brand which defined the American Dream, Ralph Lauren would be it. Founded on the spirit of tradition and classic American style, New York’s finest export has flourished into the 21st century without succumbing to fads or trends. To put it simply, Ralph Lauren has always remained timeless.

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Ralph by Ralph Lauren

The Ralph by Ralph Lauren diffusion line applies the same ethos to their eyewear collection as is applied to their clothing. Merging the old and the new to create something entirely different to the norm with an added edge of chicness is something the US brand has excelled in since its’ inception in 1967.

Starting out as the registered trademark of Ralph Lauren Polo, the company began when Ralph Lifshitz; the son of Eastern European born Jewish immigrants who had moved to The Bronx, pursued a career in menswear and opened a men’s tie shop. Thanks to his eye for detail and tastemaker attitude by 1971 he owned a boutique in Manhattan department store Bloomingdale’s, another in Beverly Hills and had launched a womenswear campaign which saw the his women’s tailored suit – which came in 24 different colours - become an iconic trademark of his skill.

His All-American WASP vision would transcend from the catwalk to pop culture with his pieces appearing on the screen in the Robert Redford version of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and for Diane Keaton in Woody Allen’s ‘Annie Hall. By the 1990s, the company went public and his heritage style oxford shirts, smart-cut blazers and cashmere sweaters were coveted worldwide; not just by the elite of upper-class America’s old money society.

The Ralph Lauren brand takes its’ inspiration from the New England blue bloods and British Aristocracy. It fuses preppy sportswear with casual chic before adding a dash of contemporary cool. The Ralph by Ralph Lauren sunglasses collection is no exception to the rule with refined masculine cuts and glamourous feminine pieces perfect for that New England-but-fashionable feel.

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