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The Benefits of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses


Sunglasses are now a key fashion item, impossible to ignore if you want to keep on top of the latest trends. But they are also practical items, protecting our eyes from the Sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as making our eyes feel more comfortable in bright lights. And for those of us with prescription lenses, sunglasses can also help us see when out in sunny weather. The internet is full of well-meaning articles with fashion tips about sunglasses, but here at Red Hot Sunglasses we want to offer more practical advice as well. Prescription sunglasses are an absolutely essential piece of equipment for some of us, and we’d like to explain why that is. So read on to learn about the benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses. 

Prescription Glasses Are Ideal for Driving


Anyone who drives a lot understands how difficult it is to drive when sunlight gets in their eyes. This usually happens on really sunny summer days, but it can also happen in the winter, when the Sun is much lower in the sky. Many drivers without the need for corrective lenses keep a pair of driving glasses in their car specifically for this problem. But for those who use prescription lenses, it’s not as simple as picking up a cheap pair of sunglasses, and they probably won’t be able to wear their sunglasses over their prescription glasses. This is where prescription sunglasses come in. Keep them in your car and you’ll always have them handy for those super bright days where driving is almost impossible without them. Also… they make you look pretty cool! 

Ditch Your Contacts for Prescription Sunglasses When You’re at the Beach

Anyone who’s ever worn contact lenses at the beach will probably know that the combination of wind, water, sun, and sand can make your eyes very itchy and watery. There are just far too many things for your contact-lensed eyes to contend with at the beach! Wearing prescription sunglasses is the ideal alternative as they will not only allow you to see what you’re doing, but they’ll also protect you from the elements – especially the sun! You should be protecting your eyes from sunlight anyway, so sunglasses are essential beachwear, and it also helps that the right pair of sunglasses can really improve your look by balancing out your features. On top of all of the benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses instead of contact lenses, you should also make sure you avoid swimming with contact lenses in, as there are many dangerous micro-organisms in the water that can cause your eyes serious damage. If water gets into your eyes while you’re wearing contact lenses, you should take them out and clean both your contacts and your eyes thoroughly. Some of the sunglasses in our Dragon collection have been designed to float (although they aren’t prescription sunglasses), so that swimmers don’t lose them, and some specialist companies even offer prescription swimming goggles, which pretty much solves the problem entirely! 

Prescription Sunglasses Are Available for Almost Any Prescription

Some people avoid prescription sunglasses because they think that their prescription is too unique or strange for any company to make into sunglasses. But this is almost always wrong. Prescription sunglasses are available for most kinds of lenses, including bifocal lenses and progressive lenses if you are presbyopic and need help to read your book by the pool on holiday. Prescription sunglasses have become so sophisticated that almost anyone can get hold of the appropriate prescription for them and save money when buying prescription glasses or sunglasses. So it’s easy to see well, and look good while you do it!

Prescription Sunglasses Are Incredibly Fashionable

This post is really about the benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses, so we won’t spend too long talking about the fashion side of things. However, looking good, and keeping up with the trends is definitely a benefit, and it deserves a little bit of attention. Here at Red Hot Sunglasses, we dedicate whole blog posts just to talk about eyewear fashion. We could spend all day writing about the different looks at the fashion shows, the stunning celebrities on red carpets, and the release of brand new styles from cutting-edge designers, such as Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, and Alexander McQueen. Looking good is always a benefit, and choosing a pair of sunglasses to accentuate your features and add a touch of style to your outfit is definitely worth doing. You can choose almost any brand or design you like from our entire range of prescription sunglasses. Gone are the days of settling for the stale selection of two or three pairs of prescription sunglasses at the opticians – you can choose anything you want.

The only exceptions with prescription sunglasses are wraparounds, or any style that bends the lenses too much. This is because the bend tends to distort the corrective properties of the prescription lenses. However, if the wraparound style isn’t too severe, then prescription lenses work absolutely fine – we even have a small range of wraparound prescription sunglasses here at Red Hot Sunglasses, if you’d like to check them out. 

Multiple Lens Material Options

Glass used to be the only material used for prescription lenses, but there has been a lot of development in this area and now you can also choose from several other high-index materials that work, such as polycarbonate, Trivex (this is lightweight and is similar to polycarbonate), and regular plastic. Glass generally offers the best refractive properties, so it produces the best-quality prescription lenses, but it is also by far the heaviest material, and people want prescription sunglasses that are lightweight and more comfortable to wear for a long period. Glass is also less durable than the other materials mentioned above, and it can shatter fairly easily, which is especially problematic for people playing sports. This leads neatly onto the next benefit… 

Prescription Sunglasses Are Perfect for Sports

Whether it’s just for running, or if it’s for outdoor sports that require a great deal of accuracy and hand-eye coordination (such as golf, tennis, or even beach volleyball) prescription sunglasses are absolutely essential. Not only do they give you the same vision-correcting effects that normal prescription glasses give you, helping you hit the ball or weave through a busy street on your run, they also protect your eyes from the sun and reduce glare, which can actually give you an edge against your opponents or improve your performance. Most also come with special bridges and arms that hold the sunglasses to your face tight. Prescription sports sunglasses are a no-brainer for anyone serious about sport, so we hope you’ll check out collection in the link above. 

And that’s it for this blog post. We hope we’ve highlighted many of the advantages of wearing prescription sunglasses, and that a few readers have been convinced to invest in a pair of their own.