The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Police Brand

Launched in 1983, Police is an Italian brand that specialises in fashion accessories and designer eyewear for both men and women. Although Police design a wide range of accessories, it’s their sunglasses that have garnered them so much admiration from the fashion World!

Police’s first sunglass designs were based on the mirror pilot sunglasses inspired by Ray-Ban’s classic Aviators. During the 80s, law enforcement officers (especially in the NYPD) were known for wearing mirror Aviators because they give off a tough, no-nonsense vibe. The law enforcement style is obviously a core part of the Police brand, tying this into its range of sunglasses gave the brand an instantly recognisable identity and aesthetic. Police sunglasses have a unique, distinctly urban, metropolitan style that remains a key feature of the brand to this day.

Although the Police brand had been a reasonably big name in the eyewear industry for a while, its big break came during the end of the 1990s when it teamed up with footballer David Beckham. With Beckham as the face of the Police brand, media coverage and brand awareness grew exponentially, and Police soon became one of the biggest selling designer eyewear brands in the World. Beckham, and fellow brand ambassador George Clooney, gave the Police brand an effortless cool to go with their urban chic designs. If you look through any large collection of Police sunglasses, you’ll appreciate its tough, casual aesthetic. There is, undoubtedly, a very macho aesthetic — which is why Beckham and Clooney were such perfect choices as ambassadors. However, many of the tougher designs can look incredible on women or people with more feminine aesthetics as hard contrast is often the best way to accentuate softer, more feminine, features.

It's not just Beckham and Clooney who have been spotted wearing Police sunglasses over the years. Police sunglasses have a smooth, effortlessly cool sense of style that has appealed to a lot of big stars, including Antonio Banderas, Paolo Maldini, Ji Chang-wook, and Neymar!

Beyond its accessories and eyewear collections, Police has expanded its offering further with perfume in 1997, watches in 2003, and clothing in 2008. We’re sure the brand will continue to expand — especially given that the eyewear industry is doing better than is ever has before!

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