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The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Polaroid Brand

The Polaroid Corporation was first launched in 1937, shortly after founder Edwin Land invented the world’s first synthetic polarizer. By the end of the decade, the first ever Polaroid sunglasses were available to buy and, after becoming a popular choice for celebrities and war heroes alike, became the world’s biggest-selling sunglasses brand at the time.

As the years passed, Polaroid continued to create new technological advances and inventions, cementing their position as one of the World’s leading manufacturers of polarised lens sunglasses. Today’s range of Polaroid sunglasses uses Thermofusion™ technology, which ensures every UltraSight™ lens is optically correct and blocks glare more effectively than other polarised lenses.

Polaroid Eyewear is also part of the much larger Polaroid Corporation, which is famous the World over for its impressive range of instant-film cameras and various electrical innovations. It is fascinating (and fitting) that a tech company should be so adept at designing sunglasses as there is a great deal of technology that goes into the highest-end eyewear. There’s so much more to it that pure aesthetics!

To understand (and appreciate) Polaroid, we need to understand and appreciate polarising technology. Its function is to cut down on light glaring off reflective surfaces, such as water and glass. It works because a large amount of light reflected off surfaces is reflected with a horizontal polarisation. Polarised lenses use a sheet of vertical polarising material to reduce the amount of this light from reaching the eye. This reduces the annoying glare you find off shiny surfaces and it also improves the wearer’s sense of visual contrast, which helps them see the edges of objects more clearly.

It’s this focus on advanced eyewear technology that sets Polaroid entirely apart from its contemporaries. All of Polaroid’s sunglasses are polarised — something that other top brands only offer as a special treatment for their most popular sunglasses. Polariod can offer polarised lenses on all of its models because of the advanced manufacturing techniques it uses. It uses a technique called “press-polishing” to make its lenses because this technique preserves a lens’s polarizing property. Given that polarisation absolutely core to its brand, this is very important. Press-polishing also allows Polaroid to produce lenses that are thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges. There are all kinds of special manufacturing capabilities that distinguish Polaroid, making it the brand for eyewear geeks who appreciate nuanced eyewear science and engineering feats. Our range of Polaroid sunglasses for men and Polaroid sunglasses for women includes several styles and colours, all of which feature the unmatched lens quality synonymous with this premium eyewear brand. Free UK next-working-day delivery and free returns on all orders over £50.

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