The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Monkey Monkey Brand

The Monkey Monkey brand is dedicated to providing parents with well-made, reliable sunglasses for their children, helping protect their eyes from the Sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Just as you wouldn’t send your children out in the sun without sun cream, you shouldn’t send them out without sunglasses. Monkey Monkey has done its best to design fun sunglasses that kids will be excited to wear at prices parents can easily afford.

If you visit the Monkey Monkey website, you’ll get a really good idea of what the brand is all about. They talk about how sitting in the shade and wearing hats can help protect children’s eyes from the Sun, but that they are no substitutes for high quality sunglasses – especially given that harmful UV light often reflects off different surfaces and thus doesn’t always come from directly above. Monkey Monkey also understand the added risks children are under as they spend much more time (playing) outdoors than adults and their eyes aren’t fully developed making them more susceptible to damage. On top of this, children’s pupils are larger than adults’, which allows more light into the eye, doing more damage. Understanding the science behind eye protection is an important part of the Monkey Monkey brand.

Eye health and protection is at the core of Monkey Monkey’s brand identity, and this is why all Monkey Monkey sunglasses come with complete UVA and UVB protection. For added peace of mind for parents, it’s important to note that all of Monkey Monkey’s children’s sunglasses bear the European CE mark, which means that they all meet the EU’s extremely high standards of quality and protection.

Another important aspect of Monkey Monkey’s brand is that its kids’ sunglasses are all designed to look as good as possible as children enjoy looking good too. Monkey Monkey know that the best way to ensure that children wear their sunglasses outside — even when their parents aren’t looking — is to make sure that their designs look as good as possible. If you give your children sunglasses that they are excited to wear, then they are more likely to wear them. Often keeping sunglasses on children is the biggest challenge to any parent serious about protecting their children’s eyes from sunlight; this dedication to designing great-looking sunglasses shows an intelligent understanding of the practicalities of parenting.

Another important aspect of Monkey Monkey’s brand is durability. Children go outside to play, so it’s important to ensure that their sunglasses are durable enough to withstand a lot of rough and tumble!

Check out the entire range of children’s Monkey Monkey sunglasses here at Red Hot Sunglasses and you’ll appreciate the diverse range of colours and styles there are to choose from. Children care a lot about the clothes and accessories they wear; it’s important to give them something they’re happy to put on.

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