Moncler Brand Guide

Moncler is a brand that needs little introduction for anyone involved with the world of mountaineering. The brand is famous for its high-performance clothing and equipment, as well as its focus on fashion. Moncler combines utility and aesthetics without compromising either.

The brand started out in 1952. Despite being founded in the French town of Grenoble, Moncler was named after the place where it was first imagined: Monestier-de-Clermont, a small town close to Grenoble. However, the brand is currently based in Milan, Italy. The name, Moncler, is actually an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont. The brand’s French alpine origins give it its unique sense of style and it the mountaineering focus means it designs incredible quality sleeping bags, tents, and other high-end mountaineering equipment.

As well as mountaineering equipment, Moncler has produced some of the most stylish clothing, all with its signature aesthetic that seems to draw from vintage French and Italian styles whilst still innovating new looks and designs. With quilted jackets, gloves, and other clothing, Moncler made a name for itself in the fashion world, and its eyewear is where it truly excels.

Moncler’s sunglasses are made to the highest standards, and its sense of style draws heavily from the early-to-mid twentieth century. With a focus on round and square rims, Moncler’s sunglasses have a strong, classical aesthetic that never goes out of style.

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