The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the MiU MIU Brand

Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of Prada founder Mario Prada, founded MIU MIU in 1992. MIU MIU is sometimes considered a diffusion line of Prada, however with aesthetics that are so distinct there’s no denying that it’s a completely separate brand.

MIU MIU takes its name from its founder, Miuccia Prada, as MIU MIU has been her family’s nickname for her ever since she was a little girl. This connection to her younger years ties in with Miuccia’s intended ethos for MIU MIU to have a much younger aesthetic than Prada to appeal to a younger audience. Miuccia took over from her mother as Prada’s Creative Director in 1978, and the Prada name only truly became the international force it is today under Miuccia’s leadership. However, Miuccia felt artistically unsatisfied working only on Prada’s collections - she had a wilder more experimental side that she wanted to explore. This led to the founding of MIU MIU, Miuccia said that MIU MIU was created to be an ‘outlet’ for a more ‘spontaneous’ kind of design. Miuccia often talks about the completely different approach she takes when designing for MIU MIU and designing for Prada. The difference in Miuccia’s creative process with MIU MIU is absolutely apparent with MIU MIU’s range of eyewear, as there are some incredibly unique and creative designs we haven’t seen from any other designer brand.

MIU MIU enjoys all of the advantages and industry connections of Prada, with a much younger, bolder, and wilder outlook than its sister company. While maintaining the fashion pedigree and sophisticated feel of Prada, MIU MIU offers a feminine edge and subtle irreverence that feels genuinely fresh and unique. Compare this to Prada, which offers classic Italian styling that will never go out of fashion, and we see a clearly distinct brand - MIU MIU offers contemporary chicness and takes risks. Both brands have huge appeal for very different reasons. MIU MIU’s huge appeal has drawn in a celebrity following that includes style icons like Victoria Beckham, Kirsten Dunst and Jessica Alba. The 2019 collection showcase was a vintage year for the MIU MIU brand. The pull Miuccia has within the fashion world was clearly evident by the plethora of celebrity royalty on show. None other than Uma Thurman closed the show in a striking pair of canary yellow cateye sunglasses paired with a fabulous overcoat.

The MIU MIU brand is also known for creating lots of different styles, season after season, keeping them at the forefront of the fashion industry. Nowhere is this truer than in their range of sunglasses and glasses. MIU MIU sunglasses and glasses offer a diverse mix of retro styles with a modern twist, with both bold and subtle colours and a fantastic selection of styles available.

Our range of MIU MIU sunglasses include the very latest styles, including cateye, cut out, heart lens, geometric, round, butterfly, rectangle, and square. As we are one of very few official retailers, you can be sure that you are ordering from the very latest designs. Step out this season at the cutting edge of high fashion with a pair of MIU MIU sunglasses or glasses.

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