The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Miss KG Brand

Miss KG is often considered a brand in its own right but it is, in fact, a sub-brand of the larger Kurt Geiger brand. Kurt Geiger is one of the biggest fashion houses in the World, famous for its incredible shoes and accessories. Miss KG has obvious connections to the Kurt Geiger aesthetic, with many differences too. The main difference between Kurt Geiger and Miss KG is that Miss KG has been made specifically to provide fashion enthusiasts with fashion essentials at accessible price points. In the World of luxury fashion, it can often be off putting to describe anything as ‘affordable’ or ‘budget’, but ensuring its products are accessible to younger people with smaller pockets is an integral part of Miss KG’s brand identity: it is a younger, often brighter alternative to Kurt Geiger, with lower prices across the various collections. Miss KG is for younger women and this is communicated with the word ‘Miss’!

Any history of Miss KG is really a history of Kurt Geiger, and this brand dates back to 1963, when it was founded by Austrian designer Kurt Geiger. Although Geiger was from Austria, he had worked around the European fashion industry and had shrewdly chosen to set up shop on London’s Bond Street. London was at the forefront of the fashion revolution in the 1960s and Kurt Geiger was expertly positioned to not only take advantage of this but to also shape it. With its impressive collections for vibrant accessories and shoes, Kurt Geiger became an important part of London’s fashion scene and, in time, the international fashion scene!

The Kurt Geiger brand has moved on significantly since the 1960s. It has moved its headquarters from Bond Street to Britton Street and it has 70 stores and over 170 concessions in high-end department stores around the World. It also expanded its brand into two additional sub-brands: Carvela and Miss KG. This move can be viewed as a concentration of brand focus, of condensing of each sub-brand’s identity. Miss KG is younger, brighter, and more colourful than the other Kurt Geiger sub-brands. And although its price points are a little lower, it should absolutely be viewed as a dedicated luxury brand as it benefits from all of the design experience and ingenuity of the wider Kurt Geiger design team!

When you browse the range of Miss KG sunglasses and glasses here at Red Hot Sunglasses, you’ll see Kurt Geiger’s quintessential design finesse, but you’ll also see a brighter colour palette and some bolder, clearly younger, styles. This is an important part of Miss KG’s brand identity: to be brighter and younger than its sister brand. In many ways, Miss KG can be seen as the fun-loving younger sister to Kurt Geiger, and this difference in aesthetics is clearly represented in its eyewear collections.

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