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The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Michael Kors Brand

Born and bred New Yorker, Michael Kors, is one of the American fashion industry’s shining stars. Launching his first fashion collections thirty years ago, Kors initially specialised in women’s fashion with his collections stocked by major department stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdale's. These are two of the biggest, most prestigious department stores in the World, so this initial foray into the fashion World helped the Michael Kors brand to get on the fast track to international fame and success.

The Michael Kors brand was founded in 1981 and it was a big hit almost instantly. Notably, Michael Kors is most famous for its incredible accessories, particularly its shoes, watches, and handbags. If you look at the wider range of Michael Kors designs, you’ll notice a simplicity and confidence that feels especially American, with perhaps a little hint of French influence. This French influence makes a lot of sense, as Kors had experience working in the French fashion scene. Michael Kors was a mover and shaker in the wider fashion industry scene and he moved to help revive the fortunes of French fashion house, Celine, in the late 90s. After this, he returned his focus to his own brand. It stands to reason that Kors’ experience with Celine helped expand his own brand’s sophisticated aesthetic. Michael Kors is truly a modern brand – they even have their own diversity council to ensure that they are an equal rights employer with a diverse staff.

Over the last ten years, the Michael Kors brand has expanded to offer menswear and accessories, alongside his traditional range of womenswear. While his product offering has grown, his brand has always stayed loyal to their goal of providing chic and luxurious American sportswear. If you browse the collection of Michael Kors sunglasses and glasses here at Red Hot Sunglasses, you’ll find a designer brand with an obvious New York aesthetic. Kors has experience of the European fashion industry and he has allowed this to influence his designs — however, there is still clear New York styling throughout his eyewear range. In the collection, you’ll find various vintage styles, with dark Havana and black frames in all shapes and sizes. There is a quintessential Art Deco feel to many of the designs that harks back to the 30s, 40s, and 50s; the modern materials and accents update some of these styles in clever, sophisticated ways.

Michael Kors sunglasses tap into the wider Michael Kors brand aesthetic, offering a type of everyday fashion that is suited for both sporty and formal wear — bringing a catwalk touch to your existing wardrobe. This exciting brand has also developed a popular celebrity following that includes the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama. The Michael Kors brand is sophisticated, understated, and elegant — with a direct line to iconic New York style.

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