The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the M:UK Brand

M:UK eyewear is one of the UK’s latest eyewear brands. Based in its Surrey headquarters, M:UK is designing and making some exceptional contemporary sunglasses with a brand aesthetic that promotes individuality, cool urban style, and the freedom to be yourself. M:UK’s brand ethos is simple and clear: Art. Street. Style.

A relatively new brand, M:UK says that it is inspired by the various styles it sees on the streets of London and that it wanted to create a line of sunglasses that taps into this modern mixture of aesthetics. London is one of the four fashion capitals of the World and it is a rich source of inspiration for countless brands that have come before M:UK; the brand is following in some pretty big footsteps.

From classic shapes to innovative trends, M:UK fuses casual cool with a functioning fashionable look that suits all. Perfect for the beach, or the city, M:UK sunglasses embrace the best of British fashion and creativity with vibrant colour-combinations and distinctive designs; all honed to the highest High-Street quality. There is definitely a younger aesthetic to M:UK’s eyewear collection; there are also little call backs to the 60s, 70s, and 80s that may appeal to vintage eyewear fans.

Browse the range of M:UK sunglasses and you’ll find an eclectic mixture of styles and colours. The colour palette is brighter than most designer eyewear brands, with a selection of classic colours in there as well. Overall, M:UK brings a sense of youthful vibrancy to the eyewear industry and many of its designs are particularly affordable, without compromising on quality!

Whether you’re looking for a pair of cateyes, some sleek round sunglasses, or some vintage-inspired pilot frames, M:UK have perfect affordable choices right here at your fingertips. Shop today at Red Hot Sunglasses for a look that will keep you ahead of the fashion pack this season.

M:UK Sunglasses