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Levi’s Eyewear makes some of the best sunglasses and glasses in the world, all with a distinct, American feel to it. Levi’s is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, famous for its incredible denim jeans and other clothing products. It was founded back in 1853 when founder Levi Strauss moved from Bavaria to San Francisco to open up a branch of his brothers’ dry goods business. Tailor Jacob Davis, a Jewish Latvian immigrant, had the idea for denim jeans when he realised that his customers kept buying denim from Levi Strauss & Co. in order to repair their trousers. As he didn’t have the money to apply for the patent by himself, he propositioned Levi Strauss and the two went into business together.

Other than its denim, Levi’s is getting more and more recognition for its excellent range of eyewear. Levi’s glasses and sunglasses have a characteristic bareness to them that reflects the simple, elegant approach to fashion design we see in other Levi’s products across their entire fashion line.

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