The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Levi's Brand

Levi’s Eyewear makes some of the best sunglasses and glasses in the world, all with a distinct, American feel to it. Levi’s is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, famous for its incredible denim jeans and other clothing products, so the entire designer eyewear community was very excited when it announced it would be designing a line of eyewear.

Levi’s was founded back in 1853 when founder Levi Strauss moved from Bavaria to San Francisco to open up a branch of his brothers’ dry goods business. Tailor Jacob Davis, a Jewish Latvian immigrant, had the idea for denim jeans when he realised that his customers kept buying denim from Levi Strauss & Co. in order to repair their trousers. As Jacob didn’t have the money to apply for the patent by himself, he propositioned Levi Strauss and the two went into business together. If you consider how important jeans have been to the fashion industry over the last century, then you can start to get an idea of how significant this partnership is and how important Levi’s has been to the fashion industry in general.

Other than its denim, Levi’s is getting more and more recognition for its excellent range of eyewear. Levi’s glasses and sunglasses have a characteristic bareness to them that reflects the simple, elegant approach to fashion design we see in other Levi’s products across their entire fashion line. Levi’s jeans have a rustic, tough aesthetic, and its eyewear follows suit. For any dedicated follower of fashion, it’s always rewarding when we seen certain aesthetics or designs carried over to other mediums or collections. Levi’s denim aesthetic is, arguably, one of the most iconic and important aspects of the last century in the fashion world, so it’s fascinating to see a brand famed for its denim looking for other ways to represent its brand identity with entirely new materials.

Levi’s eyewear is undeniably inspired by the biggest, greatest American eyewear brand of all time: Ray-Ban. Many of Ray-Ban’s original Aviator and Clubmaster designs are iconic, but they also have an austere aesthetic that perfectly lines up with Levi’s brand aesthetic. When you look through the Levi’s sunglasses and glasses collection, you’ll see lots of thin metal frames that take inspiration from Ray-Ban designs; Levi’s aren’t simply repeating the past; they are changing it and experimenting with some truly classic styles, finding shapes and designs that best capture and illustrate the Levi’s aesthetic.

Not every designer brand is successful when it moves into the eyewear industry, as many of the skills and aesthetics are significantly different to clothing industry. Levi’s. however, has made an incredibly successful transition and we’re suitably impressed with their line-up of eyewear designs. Many of Levi’s eyewear designs celebrate traditional styles with metal frames over plastic. There is definitely an adherence to a rustic, early 20th century aesthetic; it fits perfectly with the wider Levi’s design offering!

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