Lanvin Brand Guide

French luxury fashion house Lanvin is said to be one of the oldest in Paris. To this day the brand still true to the roots of their inimitable founder Madame Jean Lanvin. 

Once the talk of Paris, Madame Lanvin had humble beginnings. Born in 1867 as one of eleven children, her strong family values would define the heart of the brand in a way which echoes with poignancy down to the original Lanvin logo of a mother and child.

Beginning her fashion career making hats for a milliner named Suzanne Talbot; Lanvin would task herself in her spare time with creating delicately sewn detailed dresses for her young daughter Marie-Blanche. The local women were so charmed with the beautifully adorned designs that soon enough, by 1889 Madame Lanvin had her own boutique. Not content with simply being the talk of Paris, Lanvin travelled to the US in order to showcase her brand. The crowds were so impressed that it enabled the brand to cement a foothold in the American market that continues to this day.

The Lanvin ‘look’ took its inspiration from art and blurred the subtle lines of youth and adulthood. The playful feminine fabrics and colours merge elegantly with the mature silhouettes of womanhood. Taffeta, velvet and silk were manipulated with patterns, embroidery and ribbons implemented to create intricate ornamental designs which were famously coveted by the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Mary Pickford and the European royalty of the 1920s and ‘30s.  

Today the Lanvin heritage lives on in lavish and vibrant haute couture, stunning ready-to-wear pieces and finely honed accessories. After Madame Lanvin’s death in 1946, the company passed down through the hands of her family up until 2002 when Israeli designer Alber Elbaz – who made his name at Yves Saint Laurent, Guy Laroche and Geoffrey Beene – took the helm. Kate Moss, Sofia Coppola and Chloe Sevigny are among his fans.  

The Lanvin eyewear collection reflects perfectly the astute attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, which has long been synonymous with the Lanvin name. Intimately crafted by hand and effortlessly chic, Lanvin sunglasses take the classic designs and make them their very own; just as Madame Lanvin once did for the infant Marie-Blanche. 

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