The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Lacoste Brand

French tennis star Rene Lacoste, was a legend on the court, but was equally well known for his dapper appearance when playing, particularly in the latter years of his career when he started to wear polo shirts with his newly developed and now iconic green crocodile logo.

It was no surprise that following his retirement he focused his energy full time on developing the eponymously named sports wear label. Over the years the brand has continually developed both its product lines and reputation and has successfully fused a respected image within the sports and fashion community. The Lacoste brand ranges always perfectly walks the tightrope between sporting and casual style. The iconic Lacoste polo is a symbol of sporting elegance shown throughout the globe. The Lacoste brand has further cemented its philanthropic future with the Lacoste foundation, which helps children throughout the world to socialise through the medium of tennis and golf.  

The brand launched their sunglasses range in 1980, with simple yet sporty designs that stay close to the brands preppy image, but also have an undeniable ‘tennis’ feel. Ideal for creating either a sport look or a laid-back fashion look, Lacoste sunglasses are a truly versatile piece of fashion eyewear, essential for every wardrobe.

Our range of men’s Lacoste sunglasses and women’s Lacoste sunglasses includes a number of styles, including popular choices such as Lacoste wayfarer sunglasses. The range is also available in a number of bold colours. 

Celebrating over 80 years’ of true sporting style, French luxury fashion house Lacoste are synonymous with chic minimalist design and timeless athletic cool.

Lacoste Kids now serves as the latest expansion of the world-famous brands’ eyewear collection; designed to keep little peepers protected from the sun whilst also creating a quirky and colourful range of miniature size sunglasses.

From on-the-court clothing to couture, Lacoste have cultivated a reputation in contemporary fashion since their inception in 1933, earning their namesake from champion tennis player Rene Lacoste. Yet their finely honed collection of menswear, womenswear and accessories wouldn’t be complete without a little something for children too.

The Lacoste Kids sunglasses are playful and practical with a range of bright vibrant hued frames and versatile designs – all expertly equipped and crafted to feature UVA/UVB protection technology to keep children’s eyes sun safe.

A fun, fresh and fuss-free accessory for a summer vacation, the Lacoste Kids sunglasses incorporate the brands’ signature Crocodile logo and sleek designs – adapted for a more durable long-lasting fit.

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