The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Kurt Geiger Brand

Established in 1963, Kurt Geiger has its roots in fashion’s most innovative era. The Austrian designer founded the label after gaining extensive experience within the fashion industry. With an impressive fashion career behind him, Kurt Geiger wanted to establish his own brand with his own unique aesthetic. And this is exactly what he achieved! Despite his Austrian background, Kurt Geiger’s brand has been such an integral part of the British fashion scene that it feels appropriate to refer to him as a British fashion designer — especially since he was part of the huge London fashion revolution in the 1960s!

Located in the beating heart of the British capital, Kurt Geiger established itself in its original Bond Street store as a luxury footwear retailer; pairing aspiration and accessibility in one killer combination that has proved timeless. The headquarters has since moved to Britton Street, London. The brand has a huge international reach, but it’s impossible to imagine their headquarters ever leaving London, as the city is such a huge part of the brand’s identity!

Today, Kurt Geiger stands as one of the most prolific brands on the British high street and their coveted accessories have expanded into a truly impressive range of eyewear. The Kurt Geiger colour palette is refined, complemented with bright bursts of colour when needed. The overall aesthetic is fresh and ideal for summer (which is rather appropriate for anyone making sunglasses!). Their ‘Everything but the dress’ campaign, which was launched in 2011, still rings true with its current collection of sunglasses. There is a consistent aesthetic across all of Kurt Geiger’s collections, so if you have any other Kurt Geiger accessories, you can rest assured that a new pair of Kurt Geiger sunglasses or glasses will most certainly complement them!

Kurt Geiger has also diversified over the years, splitting itself into the Kurt Geiger brand and Carvela. Carvela’s aesthetic is a little more sophisticated and formal; Kurt Geiger’s aesthetic is fresh, young, and vibrant. Between the two sister brands, there are so many accessories, shoes, and eyewear designs to choose from; the creative output from the studios is truly breath taking.

Current Creative Director, Rebecca Farrar-Hockley and her team of specialist designers marry cutting edge design with innovative craftsmanship. Farrar-Hockley is one of the most exciting and well-regarded designers in the fashion industry at the minute, doing incredible things with eyewear designs. Many of Kurt Geiger’s eyewear designs reflect London’s edgy, urban influences whilst making full use of the city’s more traditional design heritage too! Browse the entire Kurt Geiger eyewear collection today!

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