Italia Independent Brand Guide

‘Being independent means writing one’s own story every day’

When New York born Italian entrepreneur and former Fiat manager Lapo Elkann set out to create Italia Independent, he had little clue that the lifestyle and clothing brand would grow to such heights within just eight short years. Now their unique eyewear collection is set to establish Italia Independent well into the next decade.


Italia Independent, also known as I-I, debuted at the Piti show in Florence back in 2007 and maintains the ethos of its’ namesake in the most honest way possible. Italy is not just where the company works and lives; it is the source of the brands’ inspiration, giving a whole new meaning to the ‘Made in Italy’ matronymic. Their slogan ‘Made in Italy 2.0’ stays true to this ethos; fusing modern innovation, chic European style and classic Italian tradition.

Using innovative new materials such as carbon blends, Kevlar®, Cordura® by DuPont® and  Gore-tex®, Italia Independent have sculpted  and created eye-catching contemporary frames which adopt Loro Piana cashmere, UV LUX and linen as part of their repertoire, Italia Independent reinterpret classic silhouettes as they go. Their eye for creativity is truly what sets Italia Independent apart.

The UV Lux frames by Italia Independent have become somewhat of a signature for the brand with their soft, smooth, velvety finish and romantic, luxurious feel.

Their carbon sunglasses – the first ever to be created – have been famously worn by football sensation Edgar Davids whilst their I-Thermic frames have amazing temperature controlled technology that allows the fame to change colour when worn in temperatures over 30C.

The world’s first luminescent sunglasses were also created by Italia Independent and were shown during Amsterdam International Fashion Week in 2011 which created quite a spectacle – not to mention the cute and quirky I-Teen range which is designed with highly flexible plastic and shape memory for complete longevity and endurance.

Their passion for changing the face of fashion has led Italia Independent into working with names as Italian football star Allesandro Del Piero, who loaned his expertise for a state-of-the-art sport range Italia Independent. The brand also created frames for pop sensation Lady Gaga in 2010, which contained 4600 black Swarovski elements, handcrafted one piece at a time to create a pair worthy of the new Queen of Pop.

Today Italia Independent is a unique and individual brand which is not afraid to push the limits of technology. Why not write you own story with Italia Independent?

Italia Independent is now available for Free UK and Worldwide delivery.

This year, Italia Independent write new chapter in their own story with the new season Eye Eye Collection; the latest addition to the creative Italia Independent eyewear family.

Designed, in their own words, to ‘take care of our eyes’, the colourful collection promises a unique blend of Italia Independent’s innovative designs, technologically enhanced materials and a keen eye for youthful fashion and style.

High resolution digital printing allows Eye Eye to experiment with colour; pattern, texture and print in a way never done before and there are plenty of combinations to choose from. With advanced lenses in all kinds of hues and coatings and frames crafted to be strong, flexible and above all, comfortable, the Eye Eye frames redefine fast fashion.

The practical benefits of this playful range for men and women provide absolute quality above everything else Precision fitting with the latest trends; what more can you ask for?

Italia Independent have carved a well-established niche as one of the leading creatives in eyewear and still drawing their inspirations from their native Italy, Italia Independent work tirelessly to improve the face of fashion with their artistic and entrepreneurial spirit.  The Eye Eye collection is no exception.