The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Ironman Brand

Designed for training and performance, the IronMan Pro collection has been launched with the help of Red Hot Sunglasses’ long-time partner Foster Grant, a US eyewear company with a strong emphasis on high-quality eyewear and reading glasses.

Originally designed for Triathletes, IronMan Pro sunglasses are specially crafted to meet all your athletic needs, fusing lightweight technology, a comfortable fit, and a dynamic design, which can be worn on or off duty. Running or exercising outdoors is fantastic, but it’s not without its dangers – and the Sun’s harmful UV rays are most certainly a danger. Just as you wouldn’t go out on a sunny day without sunscreen, you shouldn’t go out without adequate eye protection. This is why IronMan Pro sunglasses are so popular!

Presented in a range of eye-catching, athletic colours using the latest state-of-the-art materials, the IronMan Pro sunglasses collection features sleek rimless designs, practical wrap-around frames and vibrant mirrored lenses for a look that truly makes an impact. All of the IronMan Pro models have been designed to fit securely, in any conditions. This makes IronMan Pro sunglasses perfect for athletes, but also for people who live more active lifestyles and wear clothing with a distinctly sporty aesthetic!

Foster Grant developed Ironman Core sunglasses; Foster Grant is an eyewear company founded by Sam Foster in 1929 and currently based in Rhode Island. Ironman sunglasses were developed with the top triathletes in mind, and the goal was to provide them with a lightweight, comfortable pair of sunglasses to wear whilst they train and compete in triathlons. Triathletes are out in the elements for long stretches of time, so protecting their eyes from UV rays is of paramount importance. This is where Ironman Core sunglasses come in.

Ironman sunglasses are ideal for running and biking, making them the perfect choice for triathletes. The design has been specially developed with comfort in mind, with rubber temple tips and nose pads to ensure a snug fit. The lenses are polycarbonate because it is much more durable than glass and provides 100% UV protection for the wearer. The Ironman range is designed with the serious athlete in mind, whilst also offering a more affordable alternative to other sporting brands on the market – without compromising any of the quality.

Ironman Sunglasses