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The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Hugo Boss Brand

The Boss fashion empire has gone from strength to strength since it was founded way back in 1920s and can now rightly be titled as not only Germany's finest fashion house but also one of the leading World and European fashion houses. Hugo Boss was founded in Metzingen, a small town just south of Stuttgart, in 1924. Despite the brand’s international status, its headquarters is still in Metzingen. This little quirk separates Hugo Boss from many of the other big European fashion houses, as they are usually based in the bigger cities, such as Milan, Rome, Paris, and London.

Hugo Boss started out as a clothing company that specialised in work clothing, shirts, jackets, and raincoats. As we might expect from a German company, their focus was on quality materials and designs that were built to last. Due to the terrible economic climate in Germany in the early 30s, Hugo Boss went bankrupt; however, he was able to keep hold of a few sewing machines to keep his company going.

There is a lot of controversy over the next part of Hugo Boss’s history, as he produced the uniforms for the Nazi party, including the SS uniform. In the aftermath of the war, the German government fined Hugo Boss and he was stripped of his voting rights as punishment for contributing to the Nazi regime. When Hugo Boss died in 1948, it could have been the end of the Hugo Boss name; luckily, his son-in-law, Eugen Holy, decided to pick up the mantel and take the brand in a new direction over the next few decades, moving into high-fashion suit design.

Eugen retired in 1969 and his sons took over. Over the next two decades, Boss was often associated with motorsport; as a result, its branded suits achieved higher and higher acclaim. Then, the Hugo Boss Fragrance line came out in 1984 and the brand’s profile was higher than ever. Today, Hugo Boss is one of the most successful fashion houses in the World. In fact, it proved so successful that it decided to break up its various collections into several unique sub-brands: BOSS, Hugo, BOSS Orange, BOSS Green, etc

The Boss Black range has performed particularly well and is now the fashion house’s most widely distributed line with the broadest product range. The line is known for producing modern, clean cut, sophisticated products of the highest quality. However, in recent years, the Hugo Boss brand has consolidated its lines, and discontinued the BOSS Green and Orange to enhance the customer experience and provide value throughout one harmonious brand.

The contemporary style of the Hugo Boss range is perhaps best shown in the sunglasses range. Elegant and understated, the range includes frames in several styles and colours, including lots of classic variation of the pilot style. Hugo Boss use only the highest quality acetate, which is highly malleable for a glove-like fit on any face shape. Our range of Hugo Boss sunglasses includes a diverse selection of classic styles.

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