Hook LDN Brand Guide

The Hook LDN brand was established in early 2014 and aims to create high quality, creatively designed eyewear that is specifically for young people. Hook LDN believes that young people still struggle with the stigma of optics, and aims to remove this by creating an on-trend range of affordable eyewear that is both functional and stylish.  

The Hook LDN collection is full of pop colours and retro, oversized frames that embody the brand’s focus on carefree, fun style. The exceptional quality of the eyewear is part of the Hook LDN trademark, as the brand is passionate about providing the best frames for young people that never compromise on individuality.  

Everything that Hook LDN does is centred around the future of their customers. The brand celebrates influential young people by promoting them as ambassadors, encouraging others around the world to develop a strong, positive outlook on life. By embodying uniqueness and individuality, Hook LDN intends to push all young people to pursue their own goals and to live differently.  

The young creatives who develop the Hook LDN designs are dedicated to providing innovative, interesting ranges of eyewear that give a plethora of high quality choices. Each look aims to find the perfect balance between cool and mainstream, providing something for every look.