The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Hook LDN Brand

The Hook LDN brand was established in early 2014, making it one of the freshest eyewear designers in the industry. Hook LDN aims to create high-quality, creatively designed eyewear specifically for young people. Hook LDN believes that young people still struggle with the stigma of optics and it aims to remove this by creating an on-trend range of affordable eyewear that is both functional and stylish.

Given that the team behind Hook LDN’s has a musical background, it was inevitable that they’d tie their brand into music in some way. Hook LDN is heavily influenced by music, and it ties itself into the UK’s hip-hop and urban music scenes. Hook LDN’s musical connection cements its brand identity as inherently young and trendy. Often, this connection to music results in big stars wearing Hook LDN’s newest sunglasses or glasses, and sometimes Hook LDN provides funding and support to burgeoning musical talent! Even members of the Hook LDN style council are prominent members of the music industry.

The Hook LDN aesthetic is full of popping colours and retro frames that embody the brand’s focus on carefree, fun style. The exceptional quality of the eyewear is part of the Hook LDN trademark, as the brand is passionate about providing incredible designs that prioritise style and individuality. Despite the obvious modern aesthetic, there is clearly a strong 80s influence. This connection likely goes back to 80s hip-hop and its relationship to eyewear icons like CAZAL.

Everything that Hook LDN does is centred around the future of their customers. The brand celebrates influential young people by promoting them as ambassadors, encouraging others around the World to develop a strong, positive outlook on life. By embodying uniqueness and individuality, Hook LDN intends to send a positive message to young people: pursue your own goals and live differently.

The young creatives who develop the Hook LDN designs are dedicated to providing innovative, interesting ranges of eyewear that offer a plethora of choices. With interesting design choices and a very crisp, refined aesthetic, you can expect to find contrasting metals on many Hook LDN designs as well as thick, bold frames that are guaranteed to get you noticed. Each look aims to find the perfect balance between cool and mainstream, providing something for everyone within the entire collection.

In a very tangible way, Hook LDN is trying to take all of the vibrancy of London – both in terms of fashion and music – and combine them into a designer eyewear brand that represents young people. This is such a fresh stance given that so many of the other big names in fashion come from big design empires that have been established for two or three generations.  Hook LDN has gained a significant physical presence within the city of London – the company has set up a permanent store in the city’s ultra fashionable Shoreditch area. This fresh brand identity and design approach makes Hook LDN one of the most unique brands in the eyewear industry at the minute and we’re excited to see what they come up with next!

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