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Guess Brand Guide

Guess was founded in 1982 and found prominence a few years later thanks to their infamous black and white advertising campaigns featuring several leading models such as Claudia Schiffer and, just as important, the release of Back to the Future. That’s right; Marty McFly wore Guess denim clothing! 

The brand grew rapidly in the 1980s, becoming almost synonymous with the new and trendy fashion term – designer jeans. As a result of the brands success with denim, they branched out to offer a range of watches for men and women. The brand also diversified into baby clothing in the form of sub-brand, GUESS kids. 

The nineties weren’t so kind to Guess and, after developing a range of homeware, the brand’s sales began to decline. Brands such as Calvin Klein and Diesel were the new and trendy names everyone wanted to wear and Guess drifted into the background. 

But in the early 21st century, a new generation of teens began to take an interest in the brand after Paris Hilton featured in several ads. Sales began to pick up and today the brand has returned to the forefront of youthful fashion and is once again one of the most recognisable labels in the world. 

This success brought diversification and Guess began to produce shoes, fragrances and designer sunglasses. The sunglasses range in particular has drawn critical acclaim. Young and sexy and contemporary, they are the culmination of the brand’s resurgence. 

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