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Gucci Brand Guide

Gucci was founded in Florence in 1921 and came to prominence in the forties after the release of the bamboo handle bag – still in production today. Within 20 years the company had expanded to become a truly international fashion house, offering womenswear emblazoned with their now signature striped webbing trade mark around the world, from London to Milan to Tokyo. 

Gucci Brand Guide

The brand also became a Hollywood favourite in the 1950s with film stars such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn donning the Italian brand's designs. Jackie Kennedy was also regularly seen wearing the brand. Given this sort of endorsement, it is not surprising that Gucci grew to become one of the largest fashion houses in the world.  

But it wasn’t plain sailing. It took the intervention of Tom Ford in the 1990s to turn the brand around after a period of stagnation. Ford’s contemporary approach to glamour and luxury drew inspiration from catwalk innovations, marrying them with a traditional Italian style to create a unique type of glamour, instantly recognisable and coveted the world over. 

Part of Gucci’s turnaround can be attributed to their range of sunglasses. Gucci sunglasses epitomise Gucci’s commitment to innovation, while maintaining a delicate balance between modern glamour and classic elegance. Made from the highest quality materials and often encrusted with gemstones, Gucci sunglasses are known for an attention to detail that few other brands can match. 

Our range of men’s Gucci sunglasses and women’s Gucci sunglasses includes a range of classic and sleek styles, perfect for any wardrobe and complementing any face shape.

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