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Givenchy Brand Guide

French fashion house Givenchy has been making luxury goods and products since they were formed 60 years ago in the capital of world fashion - Paris. The company emerged to prominence in the late 1950s thanks to the patronage of Audrey Hepburn who wore Givenchy garments in several of her iconic film roles. 

In recent years some of the most prestigious current fashion designers have spent part of their careers at the French fashion house, including John Galliano  - who subsequently went on to Dior – and the late British designer Alexander McQueen. These star names have helped to keep Givenchy at the forefront of world fashion. Nowhere is this more prominent than their range of Givenchy Sunglasses.

Givenchy sunglasses have been iconic since Audrey Hepburn wore them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – perhaps her most well-known role. Hepburn’s character gave the brand a sense of fashion-conscious cool that remains with them today. Combined with their undeniable French chic, this makes Givenchy sunglasses as popular as ever.

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