G Star Raw

The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the G-Star Raw Brand

Founded in Amsterdam in 1989 by designer Jos Van Tilburg, G-Star RAW has evolved from luxury denim manufacturing to a functional urban catwalk brand with a smart accessory collection. The G-Star RAW brand has been a big name in the urban fashion scene for a long time now and it has attracted the attention of more than a few celebrities, including Liv Tyler, Magnus Carlsen, and Clémence Poésy! Famously, pop star and producer Pharrell Williams bought into G-Star RAW in 2016 and is now co-owner. This move obviously followed a collaboration between Pharrell and G-Star RAW back in 2014 when they made a collection of denim clothing made form recycled plastic taken from ocean pollution.

Interestingly, G-Star RAW was first called Gap Star; when it expanded out into an international audience, it changed its name to avoid any confusion between it and the American designer Gap. This confusion might have been twofold, as G-Star RAW is also a denim specialist — especially with respect to raw, unwashed, untreated denim — thus the “RAW” on the end of the brand name! Although the brand draws from a wide range of styles, it’s original aesthetic draws heavily from vintage military clothes. This influence can still be seen through much of G-Star RAW’s collections — even their eyewear.

Driven by the philosophy ‘Just the Product’, G-Star RAW has introduced this exclusive new eyewear collection to their fashion range which places precision engineering and ‘modern metropolitan’ style at the centre of its’ manifesto.

For a brand that champions itself as the quintessential metropolitan brand, it’s very fitting that so many of G-Star RAW’s flagship stores are in some of the World’s most famous cities, such as New York, San Francisco, London, Milan, Santiago, Shanghai, Melbourne, Paris, and Amsterdam, where the brand first started out!

G-Star RAW favours innovation and product technology and its eyewear designs channel sophistication and fearlessness with a straight-cut concept. There are so many different sunglasses styles coming out of the G-Star RAW collection each year; it’s almost impossible to generalise about their creative output. The military-inspired aesthetic comes through time and time again. It merges classic shapes with contemporary urban styles, meaning that, on a cosmetic level, the G-Star eyewear collection is often sleek with a refreshing industrial approach. The G-Star brand has taken part in several impressive ‘crossover’ projects – including a customised raw Land Rover defender and several pieces of exquisite Prouvé raw furniture. The quirky projects displays the fact that the brands creativeness knows no boundaries.

In terms of quality, each piece is assembled with care. Leaving visible construction details is part of the building process; the stitching effect and iconic exposed screws mimic G-Star RAW’s minimalistic denim designs. The unique ‘straight-cut lenses’ are a statement alone, combining vintage military touches with a cool modern feel. Fashion and function are perfectly united with this G-Star RAW sunglasses collection, which sees traditional frames such as the pilot adapted for an all-purpose high-fashion look. It’s obvious that G-Star RAW is a brand that is going somewhere, so it will be interesting to see what happens next and if having people like Pharrell Williams on board will do anything to increase the brand’s already impressive profile!

G-Star Raw Sunglasses