The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to The Furla Brand

Furla eyewear is another stellar addition to the Red Hot Sunglasses stable. The Furla brand has been around since the 1920s and is famous throughout fashion circles for their exquisite bags. The Furla eyewear range is still true to its Italian roots and is manufactured by De Rigo who uses the highest quality materials – including a specialised acetate moulding. 

Andrea Furlanetto was the mastermind behind the brand’s inception, with his children coming to join the family business in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Nowadays the company is a global phenomenon with locations throughout the world. The Furla brand is not only progressive on the catwalk but so is the team behind the brand – the vast majority are women. Furla truly is a brand for women by women. The strong feminine theme even spills over into their choice of brand ambassadors – such as American businesswoman and fashion deity Olivia Palermo.

The Furla sunglasses range at Red Hot Sunglasses is stunningly beautiful whilst also remaining elegantly subtle. The contemporary frames make use of the brand’s famous penchant for clean lines with added splashes of vibrant colours. The minutiae of each pair of sunglasses has been painstakingly design by the expert craftspeople at Furla, making for some of the most exquisitely extravagant styles available on the market. The range is unashamedly aimed at the modern woman who is fun loving, hard working and style conscious. The range has something for everyone and has been handpicked by our expert team of merchandisers. 

Furla Sunglasses