The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the French Connection Brand

Established in 1972 by British born Chief Executive Stephen Marks, French Connection has become the ultimate byword in British high street fashion.

Based in the UK with stores across Europe, the USA and Canada, French Connection straddles the worlds of affordable and accessible fashion with luxurious craftsmanship and catwalk inspired style in an almost too perfect balance.

Today French Connection produces premium menswear, ladies-wear, accessories and home ware for the modern man and woman; yet during the 1990s, French Connection were one of the most daring and edgy brands on the high street. Their reputation for ‘attitude’ took hold when the company revamped their logo to the acronym ‘FCUK’ as a sharper – indeed more acidic – brand name. 

This risqué stunt caused outrage, controversy and indeed double takes across the country as the phase appeared on T-shirts and accessories with statements such as ‘FCUK Fashion’. However, the cheeky idea had very innocent beginnings since it was the abbreviated term for the company when sending faxes to the French Connection offices in Hong Kong.  Needless to say, the French Connection brand has skyrocketed ever since. Another ingenious facet of the French Connection marketing is the peerless window displays in all of their stores, which have actually won awards.

French Connection are now one of the finest high street retailers in Europe with elegant basics, sleekly tailored men’s clothing and chic pieces for women of all shapes and sizes. Their range of French Connection’s cosmetics, watches, jewellery and eyewear are unquestionably the perfect accompaniments. The French Connection sunglasses collection itself echoes the spirit of the brand; vivacious and eye-catching yet stoic and playful at the same time.

From a smart sports range to sleek and classic pieces all the way to quirky cateye frames; French Connection allow the wearer to adopt wearable summer style with refreshing ease.

All French Connection sunglasses are available with free UK next day delivery and free world wide delivery.

French Connection Sunglasses