The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Freedom Polarised Brand

In their own words Freedom Polarised is about getting away from the everyday. With Freedom Polarised sunglasses you can now escape in style! Freedom Polarised is a sunglasses specialist based in Surrey, in the United Kingdom. It offers a tough range of sports glasses that fuse fashion, style, and function. Ideal for those who live their life on the move and strive for adventure. Freedom Polarised’s colourful collection of versatile, fine-crafted frames are durable enough to get knocked around a little and still look great! All of the sunglasses from Freedom Polarised are made from high-impact poly-carbonate, which has a stylish finish and is also incredibly strong. The brand places equal emphasis of utility and style.

Freedom Polarised’s brand motto is “Live life with Freedom Polarised. Your style. Your life. Your time.” This motto is reflected in the brand’s vibrant, young aesthetic. As a dedicated eyewear company, there is a huge focus on the brand’s polarisation technology, they don’t just want people wearing their sunglasses to look great, they want them to be able to see great in them too. Equipped with full UV protection and specially polarised lenses, Freedom Polarised sunglasses put technology, quality and eyewear safety at the fore of their designs. If it’s important to you that your sunglasses help you see better and eliminate glare, then Freedom Polarised is the brand for you.

In addition to the heavy focus on lens technology, Freedom Polarised puts a lot of work into its relaxed, stylish aesthetic. The wide range of sunglasses styles developed by the Freedom Polarised design studios each season has a unifying sporty aesthetic that ties them all together. The many variations of the sports wrap style gives you plenty of choice!

Shop the new season frames or the classic silhouettes at Red Hot Sunglasses for a look that never goes out of fashion; perfectly catered for those who love style, live life, and value their freedom.v

Freedom Polarised Sunglasses