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Fendi Brand Guide

Part of the LVMH fashion group, Fendi is an Italian brand of the highest calibre. The company started out back in 1925 in the eternal city, Rome, specialising in luxury leather bags and luggage and fur coats, which were the style of choice for the country's elite. While the brands initial reputation was centred around Rome, this changed in the late 1960s when a young Karl Lagerfeld was appointed chief creative director for the company.

Fendi Brand Guide

Within a few years, Lagerfeld presided over an expansion of the brands range and international distribution, with New York department stores queuing to get hold of their luxury products. Today, the company is still extremely prominent and has expanded into new sectors, including their sublime collection of Fendi sunglasses.

Fendi sunglasses offer the luxurious, sensual and beautiful detailing for which Fendi has become famous, but also hark back to the elegance of a bygone era, offering vintage Hollywood inspired glamour – oversized lenses and decadent rims are ever-present throughout the range. Given their Hollywood look, it is perhaps no surprise that Fendi sunglasses are a popular choice for the latest generation of film stars, with Lindsey Lohan among the brands fans.

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