The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Fenchurch Brand

Fenchurch first sprang to life in 2000 as the brainchild of a group of skateboarders who combined their love of skateboarding and fashion to create what is now a leading label in the landscape of casual sport chic. The inspiration for the name came from London’s Fenchurch Railway Station from which Fenchurch also takes its logo inspiration. The station also happened to be their favourite place to skate. In the brand’s early days they gained notoriety for hosting memorable parties, in order to boost brand awareness. 

Using professional skaters and BMXers to promote their products, Fenchurch quickly garnered interest and eventually expanded their miniature empire to open a flagship store in the heart of London.

Fenchurch was even included in Time Out London’s list of “London’s 50 best boutiques” which lead to the brand expanding into continental Europe, Australia and the USA as well as opening stores in London’s alternative fashion hot-spot Covent Garden. 

Whilst a skateboard brand at heart, Fenchurch today has an accessible sporting style that offers a contemporary yet cultured look, perfect for everyday wear. JD Sports acquired the brand in 2011, since then Fenchurch have worked hard to maintain that urban edge, collaborating with such artists as illustrator Kev Grey and hip-hop musician Kid Acne to keep their designs ahead of the style curve. Maintaining the relationship with the underground and fringes of fashion has always been of importance to the Fenchurch brand whose roots are in the alternative and the previously little known British skateboarding scene. 

Fenchurch sunglasses are perfect for those who want to stay cool and look cool with a selection of classic silhouettes and athletic designs in a number of prints and colours. With a wide range of styles there is something for everyone; whether that be loud and brash or laid back and understated.

Fenchurch Sunglasses