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Cazal Brand Guide

ccentric designer Cari Zalloni created Cazal eyewear in the 1970s to make a real difference in the eyewear industry. Already an established designer, Zalloni was a true maverick and wanted all of his styles to be totally original and to divide opinion as he believed that is what great design should do.

cazal brand guide

The brand gained momentum in the 1980s when the hip-hop community took Cazal sunglasses to its heart. Cazal sunglasses have remained there ever since and have been spotted on several hip hop celebs in movies and music videos over and over again. In fact, many of the original styles from the 80’s are still as popular and cutting edge today as they were when they were first designed.

Distinctive and extravagant, our range of mens Cazal sunglasses and womens Cazal sunglasses include a number of classic designs , as well as a full complement of the latest designs and styles from the flamboyant brand. Why not see for yourself? As always, all our sunglasses are available for free UK next day delivery and free delivery worldwide.