The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Cazal Brand

Eccentric designer Cari Zalloni created CAZAL eyewear in the 1970s to make a real difference in the eyewear industry. Already an established designer, Zalloni was a true maverick and wanted all of his styles to be totally original and to divide opinion, as he believed that is what great design should do. For anyone who has followed CAZAL over the years, you will have noticed his sense of style is somewhat less than subtle… Zalloni’s approach to eyewear has always focused on turning heads and experimenting with traditional styles and conventional expectations of eyewear designs. The result is that CAZAL has some of the most memorable sunglasses designs ever!

It's hard to think of many big eyewear designers who are quite as eccentric or as self-consciously opulent. It was CAZAL’s swagger, perhaps, that first caught the attention of the hip-hop community in the US, and then swept throughout the rest of the World. It’s interesting that a German eyewear company should become the most iconic designer brand for the American hip-hop industry — just one great example of how good style transcends borders!

CAZAL gained momentum in the 1980s when the hip-hop community embraced its huge, opulent sunglasses. CAZAL sunglasses have remained part of the hip-hop scene ever since and have been spotted on several hip-hop celebs in movies and music videos over and over again. In fact, many of the original styles from the 80s are still as popular today as they were when they were first designed. Run DMC was one of the pioneering hip-hop acts to proudly wear CAZAL sunglasses, and they helped raise its profile significantly. Today, the most famous fan of CAZAL is rapper Rick Ross, who has a tattoo of the CAZAL logo on his face!

Given the hip-hop world’s penchant for gold and anything with a bit of bling, it makes sense that it would take so strongly to CAZAL’s incredibly luxurious eyewear designs. If you don’t mind being noticed, if you don’t mind wearing something expensive that makes a big statement, then a pair of CAZAL sunglasses might be right for you! If you look through much of CAZAL’s design repertoire, you’ll notice that there is a strong 80s vibe that fits perfectly with the hip-hop world — especially the New York hip-hop scene. This 80s look also has a slightly futuristic aesthetic — futuristic from the perspective of the 80s. This sometimes means that CAZAL sunglasses and glasses have subtle sci-fi styling that many find incredibly appealing!

The brand’s advertising campaigns are as bold as their eyewear range. One such ad campaign was the ingenious ‘The Cazal Job’. The campaign paid homage to classic heist movies and drew inspiration from the iconic New York gangster films. The Cazal legends range features heavily throughout all of the brand’s ad campaigns and it’s easy to see why, they’re quite simply the most instantly recognisable range ever made.

Distinctive and extravagant, our range of men’s CAZAL sunglasses and women’s CAZAL sunglasses include a number of classic and contemporary designs. Why not see for yourself? 

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