The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Carvela Brand

Carvela is a sub-brand of the amazing Kurt Geiger fashion brand based in London and founded back in 1963. The style of clothing and accessories in Kurt Geiger and Carvela’s collections have an undeniably British edge that help them stand out from competitors on the global fashion scene.

The Kurt Geiger brand was founded London, one of the fours fashion capitals of the World. London’s pivotal role in the fashion industry in the last 70 years has played a big part in the growth and prosperity of Kurt Geiger, and Carvela, as a result! Whilst the original Kurt Geiger headquarters was on London’s famous Bond Street, it has since moved to Britton Street!

Today, Kurt Geiger/Carvela has over 70 stores and 170 concessions in most of the biggest, most prestigious department stores around the World. Carvela’s emphasis on sophistication and luxury helps it stand out from its Kurt Geiger sister brand in various stores and concessions the world over. If you’re not sure you can tell the difference between the two brands, we recommend comparing some Kurt Geiger sunglasses to some Carvela sunglasses. In fact, given the strong, obvious design decisions you have to make when creating eyewear, it is often a pretty great barometer of a brand’s overall aesthetic.

One of the most instrumental parts of Kurt Geiger’s and Carvela’s success was its Austrian-born founder, Kurt Geiger, who had significant experience working within the fashion industry before he founded his own eponymous fashion label. Following on from its founder, the brand’s current Creative Director, Rebecca Farrar-Hockley, is doing an incredible job of continuing Carvela’s and Kurt Geiger’s legacy. It’s Farrar-Hockley’s fidelity to Geiger’s legacy, to his aesthetic vison, that is so commendable; however, this isn’t to say that she isn’t innovating and inventing new styles, it’s just that she’s innovating within the parameters of Kurt Geiger’s original vision. If you need to know anything else about Rebecca Farrar-Hockley, just know that she is quoted on the official Kurt Geiger website as saying: “A tiny glitter bag in the shape of a heart can be worn as jewellery, with platform wedges so high your head will be in the clouds!”

Kurt Geiger and Carvela are famous for their shoes and for their stunning accessories, so it makes a lot of sense that they’d have some of the most impressive sunglasses and glasses in the World. Carvela is a sub-brand of Kurt Geiger with a little more emphasis on sophistication and elegant design. You can easily see this emphasis on elegance in our range of Carvela eyewear. Carvela’s glasses are designed for daily wear and are smart enough for professionals looking for a good pair of glasses to wear for work. The sunglasses are glamourous and sophisticated — perfect for anyone who doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd.

Carvela’s men’s collection was established from 1995 onwards and although Carvela and Kurt Geiger aren’t as popular with men as they are with women, there is a growing male following with a wide range of famous actors, such as John Boyega, Channing Tatum, and Benedict Cumberbatch all wearing KG clothing!

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