The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Calvin Klein Brand

Calvin Klein is one of the biggest names in the American fashion industry, with an unquestionably iconic status. Calvin Klein and his friend Barry K. Schwartz founded Calvin Klein and set up headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. The brand’s history and its identity are inextricably connected to New York and, without a doubt, the city played an instrumental part in the brand’s success before it expanded out into the international audience it has today. Not only will you find Calvin Klein in most big department stores in Europe and Asia, you’ll also find signature Calvin Klein stores dotted all around the globe.

There are so many different Calvin Klein collections that have developed and flourished over the years, with nothing quite as ubiquitous or as iconic as Calvin Klein’s famous underwear collections. The brand’s underwear is always simple and understated, and its white men’s briefs design is perhaps the most well-known underwear design in the world. There is, however, so much more to Calvin Klein than underwear; it has a vast range of sub-brands — as is often the case with big American fashion houses — each with its own speciality. Here are a few of Calvin Klein’s most famous sub brands:

o Calvin Klein: the core brand and it specialises in basic fashion and some basic sportswear.

o Calvin Klein Jeans: the denim and jeans specialist brand within the corporation.

o Calvin Klein Collection: the high-fashion, high-end designer label you can expect on the runways and the red carpets.

o Calvin Klein Golf: This sub brand was founded in 2007 and, as you might expect, it specialises in golf clothing, or at least on clothing that taps into golf’s aesthetic.

o Calvin Klein Watches + Jewellery: The brand decided that it would be best to have a dedicated sub brand that focused on the best jewellery and watch designs, all falling under the wider Calvin Klein aesthetic.

o CK one Lifestyle: This sub brand is most famous for its incredible fragrance lines but also for its stylish underwear and jeans, all with basic white, black, or grey colour schemes.

o CK by Calvin Klein: This is the grey label that is especially famous for its watches, jewellery, and sunglasses.

Calvin Klein’s sunglasses have an obvious American heritage, with robust silhouettes and bold lines. The core palette is dark, with plenty of blues and pinks within the wider collection. Calvin Klein’s connection to New York City can also be observed through some of its sunglasses, many of which have an ever-so-slight Art Deco aesthetic to them. Over the last 50 years, the big American fashion houses have made a huge impact on the eyewear industry, rivalling the biggest designers in Italy and the rest of Europe. Calvin Klein’s eyewear collection has played a part in the rise of America’s incredible eyewear scene!

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