The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Bvlgari Brand

The very essence of opulence, Bvlgari is one of Italy's most prestigious fashion brands. Located in Rome, the brand was started in 1884 with their first shop opening soon after in the cobbled shopping streets.

Specialising in jewellery, the rich and elite of Italy would travel from miles around to buy from the store. The Greco-Roman influence that permeates the brand to this day was instantly popular, but it was the brands use of precious gems and metals in their innovative designs that really set them apart from other brands. Indeed, many consider Bvlgari himself to be the best jewellery-maker of his time.

Today, Bvlgari is a worldwide operation with their boutiques and concessions located in the finest destinations. This success has allowed the company to expand into new areas, including a luxury watch division and sunglasses. 2011 saw Bvlgari gain even greater influence on a global scale when they were purchased by the LVMH group. Add to that the endless list of celebrities who are spotted in the brand and Bvlgari’s star shows no sign of losing its sparkle.

The Bvlgari sunglasses range is loyal to their brand identity, offering a classic look mixed with luxury. Many frames even include the dazzling Swarovski stones and precious gems from their jewellery collection. Their finish matches the luxury look - Bvlgari sunglasses offer an almost unrivalled craftsmanship that can be seen in their high quality finish. Bvlgari’s vision has always been to produce classic yet contemporary goods and the sunglasses range remains true to that blueprint.  

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