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Top 10 Movies for Fashion Lovers

With the release of the new McQueen documentary, and the series depicting Gianni Versace’s assassination earlier this year, we felt inspired to explore the fashion genre further. Here’s our top ten movies on the fashion world…


National Sunglasses Day: 20 Iconic Sunglasses in Film

Today is National Sunglasses Day; a day celebrating the importance of protecting our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays with shades. To honour this event, we’re not only offering a huge 20% flash sale site wide, but we’ve also picked 20 of the most iconic sunglasses in the history of film. From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Topgun, check out the most memorable frames and even copy their style with similar suggestions from our site.

Polaroid Side Stories

This year marks Polaroid’s 80th anniversary, so to celebrate the brand has produced a collection of short videos titled, Polaroid Side Stories. The campaign focuses on a small selection of talented individuals from various industries, characters of different ages and specialties who all share a love for Polaroid Eyewear.

The Fishbowl: A Polaroid Eyewear Movie

Polaroid presents “The Fishbowl”, the story of its founder, the man who changed the way we see the world. To celebrate their 80th birthday, Polaroid eyewear have created a short film about Edwin Land, the amazing man that started it all.

Jack O’Connell to Play Alexander McQueen

Recently it was announced that a new biopic about the late, great Alexander McQueen would be hitting the big screens and the designer is to be played by Jack O’Connell. The film is said to revolve around the British designer’s controversial early collections, particularly his notorious 2009 collection.