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Oslo Mini Break

Norway´s capital Oslo is city of growth and innovation. Its rich modern culture bubbles out from the city centre and into the astonishing nature that surrounds the city. We spent a weekend in Oslo, enjoying its world-class museums, cuisine and modern architecture, and gazing at its displays of nature in her finest form.


A Quick Guide to Gothenburg

Last week we spent a few days exploring Gothenburg; an inviting and laid-back city on Sweden’s west coast. Time flew by as we strolled along the leafy boulevards, enjoyed Fika in cosy cafes, and delved into Swedish culture in some of the city’s captivating museums. Meandering through Gothenburg makes for the perfect mini break.


A Weekend in Stockholm

Last weekend we jetted off to the Scandinavian beauty Stockholm. A city filled with charming architecture, delicious pastries and the irresistible music of Abba. Read on to find out how to spend the perfect weekend in Stockholm…


Fukuoka, Japan

Japan’s southern island Kyushu is graceful, beautiful and historic.  Sitting on the northern tip of the island is the captivating city Fukuoka. A city with a harmonious blend of past, present and future. In spring, Japan’s iconic blossom trees are in full bloom, rising from the south in Kyushu and up through the main islands in the coming months. You can see the picturesque blossoms in the serene green spaces of the city.


Ski and Snowboard Festivals

We typically associate festivals with summer: outdoor drinking, retro sunglasses and muddy wellies. But some of the best festivals in the world combine snow sports and live music in the beautiful alpine settings of ski resorts. The venues crop up on mountains, in valleys, in igloos, and at laid-back aprés bars. We’ve got a list of the top upcoming events to get your fix of festival in 2018 without having to wait for summer…