The World’s Most Magnificent Christmas Trees

Towns and cities across the globe sparkle more than ever over the festive period, each displaying proudly their finest Christmas Tree. Iconic tree scenes from our favourite Christmas movies warm us with festive spirit. Who can forget Kevin finally being reunited with his mother at the Rockefeller Tree in Home Alone 2? Or the Grinch returning his stolen Who-tree to Whoville just in time for a sing-along? We’ve scouted the most magnificent Christmas trees across the world this year to fill you with Christmas cheer.

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10 Iconic Ice Rinks Across the World

ice skating photo

Photo by fsse8info

Death spirals, bunny hops, twizzles, spirals, back turns… or clinging onto the rail (or unlucky person next to you) for dear life. There’s no better way to get into the festive season than ice skating.  Even if you do spend the time making a complete fool of yourself. We’ve pulled together the best rinks across the world for you to visit and get your Christmas sparkle on.

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