New Orleans

New Orleans Jazz Vipers.

New Orleans is rich in culture and history. This richness and diversity shines through in every city spot and makes for a wonderfully interesting trip. It’s present in the architecture, woven through the cuisine, and prominent in the nightlife and outrageously spirited music scene that characterises city life. Mardi Gras celebrations will soon ignite the city and we thought this a perfect time to explore what it has to offer.

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A giraffe at Fathala Wildlife Reserve.

Senegal is incredible music, vibrant colour and design, rich history, stunning architecture and exotic wildlife. The country is often overlooked by tourists but it makes for the perfect winter break. The sun shines gloriously over its exciting landscape and welcoming people.

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Sydney is wildly exciting under both the blazing sun of the day and the shining lights and stars of the night sky. The city is the most dazzling in Australia and is forever racing forward in its innovation of food, partying, entertainment and architecture. The sights of Sydney are straight from everyone’s bucket lists and there’s no other feeling like gazing upon the wonder of the Opera House or bravely climbing the heights of the Harbour Bridge. An undeniably urban landscape is still in balance with the exotic wildlife and historic nature of the city surroundings to create an exciting and unique trip of your dreams.

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