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Where to Visit During UK Black History Month 2018

Every year throughout October the UK celebrates Black History Month. Since its establishment in 1987, by activist Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, this national month has seen wide spread events ranging from cooking classes, to conferences, theatre and concerts. Here’s some of the highlights from this year’s calendar…


Oktoberfest in Munich

On average, seven million litres of beer are drank every year at Munich Oktoberfest. Put that together with traditional Bavarian dress, folk music, and grilled German sausages, and you’re guaranteed a fantastic time.


The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Spanning 500 acres of hilly fields, gardens, woods, and lakes, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is an international “gallery without walls.” An afternoon spent exploring it’s latest installations reveals the exquisite bond between nature and art.


Exploring Northern Identity at Newcastle’s Baltic

Newcastle’s Quayside is a thing of beauty. The iconic seven bridges and curved steel roof of the Sage are symbols of Northern pride able to elevate even the hardiest souls. Rising mightily from the end of the Millennium Swing Bridge is the old Baltic Flour Mill, that houses an expansive contemporary art gallery. This weekend, we visited the Baltic to explore their latest exhibitions and step onto their viewing deck for unbeatable views of the River Tyne.