Get Ready for the London Marathon

As thousands of you across the country get your final preparations in order for Britains biggest race, we are here to give you that final big push. To perform at the London Marathon to you very best you need three things; determination, the right equipment and the right playlist. Well we have got you covered for those last two things, the determination is unfortunately all down to you.

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Introducing: Oakley RADARPACE

Meet Your New Coach: The Oakley Radar Pace

Oakley are set to release sunglasses that will improve your workout dramatically… The Oakley Radar Pace.
Radar Pace is essentially a voice activated coaching system, designed to enhance your performance in a sporting scenario. It creates a training program, tracks your performance and coaches you in the moment. Powered by Intel, it’s like having a trainer with you whenever you’re running or cycling, a mentor that gives you the help and motivation you need to take performance to a whole new level.


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