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Fashion Friday – 5 Cool Sunglasses to Wear on the Slopes

Snow is blessing the ski resorts at this time of year, and eager skiers and boarders are jetting off to catch some fresh powder. For protection against that bright mountain sun, a pair of performance sunglasses are an essential travel companion. We’ve comprised a list of the best for 2018…

6 Performance Eyewear you didn’t know you needed

As the fitness juggernaut continues to sweep the globe, we take you through some performance eyewear that you need to have in your life. In case you hadn’t noticed, people are starting to combine a lot of their day to day outfit with performance wear. A big factor in this is likely to be comfort, because if you live a busy life where you are on your feet a lot a pair of comfy trainers is likely to make you far more productive than some boots. It’s not just enhancing... Read More

Get Ready for the London Marathon

As thousands of you across the country get your final preparations in order for Britains biggest race, we are here to give you that final big push. To perform at the London Marathon to you very best you need three things; determination, the right equipment and the right playlist. Well we have got you covered for those last two things, the determination is unfortunately all down to you.