59th GRAMMY Awards Recap

Last night marked one of the biggest nights of the year for music, as all the industries big hitters (well not all…) hope to win one of the prestigious awards at the 59th GRAMMY Awards. There was yet again some memorable moments at the awards, not least Adele’s acceptance speech where she snapped her award in two.


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In an era of music defined by downloads, streaming and spotify, there’s such an ease to listen to any song that tickles your fancy in that moment that cd stores have taken a massive hit. But the new rage that’s grooving on the market this past year is the vinyl. Perhaps it’s the inestimable charm it brings to the aesthetics of any room, or the feeling of glorious nostalgia for the vintage buffs. Either way, we’re loving it.

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Everything That Happened at the 2016 VMAs

A Recap of Everything That Happened at the 2016 MTV VMAs

It was the 33rd annual Video Music Awards for MTV this year, and the event was set to celebrate all things Rihanna after it was announced she’d be receiving The Video Vangard Award. This meant the show had arranged her to perform four times throughout the evening to showcase the best of her long standing career. Sadly, it seemed the organisation of the event meant that Rihanna’s performances were slightly lost among the other acts and it didn’t really seem like she’d been given much time to perform. The show was well and truly stolen by guess who… Beyonce (Not much a surprise). Queen B lit up the awards with her crew by performing an epic medley from her latest album Lemonade, leaving everyone stunned.
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