Fashion Friday – LFW ’17 Roundup

London is always one of our favourite fashion weeks. Maybe we’re bias being from Britain, but it always seems to offer up something a bit different. It is always a bit fresher or raw if you like. Fashion is a bit all over the shop at the moment, much like the rest of the world. Following New York Fashion Week it was left up to LFW ’17 to offer up something new and exciting. A lot of designers went with a theme that would highlight the craftsmanship of their brand. They seemed to be focusing on the innovative process of taking inspiration from new and old and creating technical garments that are both functional and beautiful.

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Brand in the Spotlight- Gucci.

In the lead up to Gucci’s AW17 showcase at Milan fashion week, the brand has been dominating headlines as everyone attempted to bag a seat at their show. Headed by Alessandro Michele, the collection is an inspiring, colourful and beautifully romantic blend. From the beginning of Gucci in 1921, the brand has been soaring in success and this only continues year after year.

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Fashion Friday – NYFW Roundup

Today New York Fashion Week 17 is coming to a close, so let us recap what has been going on. It’s no surprise that there was a heavy element of politics shrouding the event, given what has been going on in the states over the past year. In what seems to be the most turbulent presidential election for decades, we have seen a country divided in to many parts. This was evident in many of the shows this year, many playing on the uniting of the American people, others focusing on the repression of the minorities.


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