4 Must Have Prescription Glasses Available Right Now

We have focused quite a lot on sunglasses recently (obviously), but it is important to remember the prescription glasses wearing style icons among us. Prescription glasses have long represented something more than simply helping you to see better. They are a beautiful way of finishing off your style and can often define the way you look completely. This is why picking the right prescription glasses for you is an important task for anyone, and we are here to help.


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The Millennium and Tyne Bridges.

The Millennium and Tyne Bridge.

World-class culture, a booming nightlife, unique architecture and the famous Geordie spirit: Newcastle Upon Tyne is northern charm. Red Hot Sunglasses is proud to call Newcastle home, and we love sharing its stunning river views and serene coastal walks with visitors. Follow our guide  of things to do and you’ll be dying to call Newcastle home too.

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Fashion Friday: Face Shapes Guide – (Square Face Shape)

For the second installment of our Face Shapes Guide, we take a look at what sunglasses would be suit someone with a square face shape. If you’re unsure what the shape of your face actually is, we would suggest spending a bit of time studying it in the mirror, or asking an honest friend or family member. Those with a square face shape, this one’s for you.

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Fashion Friday – Wedding Style

Here’s how to update your wedding guest attire

As the sun starts to shine, we start getting well and truly in to wedding season. Depending on your age, it can be a pretty damn busy time of your life when all your friends are deciding to get married. This means a really busy time for your wardrobe as well. We take a look at some of this seasons best wedding style.
For both women and men, you don’t want to be spotted wearing the same thing over and over again; particularly if it’s the same friendship groups at the majority of the weddings you are going to. We take a look at what the world’s most fashionable are wearing and how you can give your wedding attire a much needed update.


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