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A Guide to Prada’s Round Sunglasses

A selection of Prada’s round sunglasses (top left – top right – bottom left – bottom right) Prada is one of the most sought-after designer labels in the World — and for good reason! Although Prada makes pretty much every kind of clothing and accessory possible in the fashion industry, its sense of quality is never compromised. This is especially the case for its incredible range of sunglasses, which Prada is renowned for. However, because we’ve collected such an impressive range of Prada sunglasses, some visitors to our site may... Read More

Fur-free Fashion

Last week Donatella Versace joined the ranks of the increasing number of designers to go fur-free. In a socially conscious climate in which more and more fashion brands are pledging their commitment to eco-friendly and animal-friendly designs, we will hopefully see an end to the fur debate in fashion very soon.


How to Authenticate Prada Sunglasses?

A range of Prada sunglasses here at RHS (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right) Prada is one of the biggest brands in the world, with branches and shops in dozens of countries. The Prada brand is synonymous with style, sophistication, and luxury, and it designs everything from clothing and fragrances, to accessories and eyewear. From talking to our customers and researching online, we know that a lot of people are anxious to authenticate their Prada sunglasses and to avoid fraudsters. This guide will help you authenticate your Prada... Read More


The Classic Beauty of Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Sunglasses

An assortment of Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s stunning eyewear designs We’ve written several blogs over the years that focus on Ralph by Ralph Lauren. Often, we’ve tried to give a little more background to the brand, or to distinguish it from the many other Ralph Lauren brands in our wider designer sunglasses collection. In this blog post, however, we’d like to look more closely at Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s classic aesthetic and how that influences its eyewear designs. We’ll look at the brand’s take on many of the most classic... Read More


Appreciating MIU MIU’s Avant-garde Approach to Eyewear Design

An assortment of MIU MIU’s stunning sunglasses MIU MIU is one of our most popular designer brands, and we have a few ideas as to why: MIU MIU’s approach to eyewear design is often surprising; it’s not afraid to make big, opulent designs, and to experiment with new (and old) eyewear forms. MIU MIU has inherited all of Prada’s quality ad finesse, but it has a different MO: to innovate as much as possible. This blog post will look at several of MIU MIU’s current sunglasses styles, explaining why they... Read More