Fashion Friday – Gucci Memes

That’s right, Gucci Memes. If you don’t know already (which you should) a meme is a product of the internet that is pretty much a universal creation from social media users across the globe.

Something that probably started as a way of advertising a product, has since become a way of the internet to express their feelings or humor in one picture with text over the top. A meme can be anything, a picture of your choice with your words imprinted over the top to convey a message. The original, and most well-known memes are just as random as the whole concept itself. Now we see fashion brands getting involved, in particular Gucci. The Italian fashion house has taken to social media with a series of their very own memes, and they’re actually quite good.

Yet another reminder of the importance of the use of social media for a fashion brand. Gucci took to Instagram recently with a series of their very own memes used to promote their latest collection. The rise to fame of the meme started with specific photos such as the late great Gene Wilder, and a sarcastic statement emblazoned across the top (See below). Also Pepe the Frog has become an incredibly popular meme image to use, for reasons unknown. The highly expressive face of a cartoon frog has been used for many different memes and has some kind of cult following across the web. Even some internet hackers have decided to use Pepe as their flag.

Other memes you may recognize are Morpheus from the film The Matrix with a quote from the film ‘What if I told you’ followed by the users’ alternative line to the film such as ‘The Hokey Cokey isn’t really what it’s all about?’ Yeah, we don’t really get memes either but the internet loves them.

Gucci memes somehow manage to stay classy, featuring a professionally shot campaign image and a punchy, comical statement. A personal favourite is an image of an arm wearing a floral top and one of Gucci’s new watches on it, stroking a statues head. The caption for it reads ‘when you wake up late for work and realise your just a clay head’. This is a novel way of showcasing products while engaging with a new audience.

Another favourite is an image of some devilish looking cartoon wearing a big mink coat and sunglasses being showered with notes whilst looking at Gucci watches. The caption reads ‘Me: I need 2 start saving money 4 the future…*gets paid*. This is a comical nod towards the fact that many consumers of Gucci should probably be saving their money for something important yet always end up buying some luxurious Gucci instead. We like the fact these huge fashion brands are clearly investing in a younger audience and understand the importance of staying socially relevant. Bravo, Gucci Memes

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