Fashion Friday – Ugly is the New Black

There seems to be a wave of ‘Ugly’ sweeping across the fashion world right now. From super clunky, out there sneakers with an outrageous amount of unnecessary soles to bright pink men’s shirts paired with a purple blazer and massive flower emblem. High fashion has always been a place for designers to express their wildest and most creative ideas, and this concept has continued to snowball so that now the designs are being featured in commercial collections instead of solely on the runway.

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Red Hot Round-up | Sunglasses News November 06 – 12 | News

With another week gone by, we take a look at another week of exciting news in the Eye-wear world. One of our favourite stories to emerge this week is the revelation that plastic from ocean pollution is being used by  Spanish company, Sea2see to make designer sunglasses. We saw the Barbadian queen Rihanna wearing some of the most fabulous Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses recently, and American TV Star Meghan Markle was seen with boyfriend Prince harry wearing some lovely keyhole sunglasses that have got a lot of people talking. The Australian national football team the Socceroos were spotted wearing some pretty hi-tech eyewear pieces on their flight back to Australia from Honduras, and we have more news surrounding the Augmented Reality eyewear concept rumours.

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Fashion Friday – The Cateye

Cateye frames can be applied to both sunglasses and glasses, and there is a reason why it has become such an iconic style over the years. The Cateye frame is flattering on pretty much any face shape, and it harenesses the power to make pretty much any outfit look classy, glamourous and brilliantly stylish. Some would say the Cateye frame is the go-to style for statement eyewear. We dive in to some of our favourite Cateye sunglasses as well as Cateye glasses of the moment, and show you exactly why you need some.

cateye photo

Photo by Binny’s

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