Sunglasses to Spend your Student Loan on

It is a magical time for students across the country, the student loan is landing. If you are a fresher, it can be a pretty intense few weeks when you are finding your feet at university, but you soon realise how great student life is. For second year students, or third or fourth and so on you already know the drill. It is around this time that your student loan lands in your bank account and you don’t really know what to do, other than head to the pub. Well, why don’t you spend it on something a bit more worth while? Like some of this seasons hottest sunglasses for example.

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Red Hot Round-up | Sunglasses News September 11 – 17 | News

Welcome to this week’s Red Hot Round-up. Each week, we find the biggest sunglasses news stories in the fashion, technology, and sports industries and put them in one handy place for our customers. We also include stories about our new collections, competitions, and anything else we think might interest our customers. Last week, we talked about our new women-centred Carrera collection. This week, we’re looking at how the new Apple Face ID feature can recognise wearer’s faces even when they’re wearing sunglasses – and we’re taking stock of the amazing bloggers and Instagrammers who have talked about or modeled our sunglasses recently.

New iPhone Face ID Works with Sunglasses

Image sourcelicence

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Fashion Friday – The Best Music Video Eyewear

Popular culture is always a great place to get fashion inspiration from, and there is no better place for your favourite stars to flash their new outfit than their music video. We’re not just talking sunglasses, though. Many big names are fond of the glasses look too, whether they actually need them or not. This also gives us a good opportunity to look back at some great music that we may or may not have forgotten.

jay-z photo

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