New Orleans

New Orleans Jazz Vipers.

New Orleans is rich in culture and history. This richness and diversity shines through in every city spot and makes for a wonderfully interesting trip. It’s present in the architecture, woven through the cuisine, and prominent in the nightlife and outrageously spirited music scene that characterises city life. Mardi Gras celebrations will soon ignite the city and we thought this a perfect time to explore what it has to offer.

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Red Hot Round-up | Sunglasses News Feb 13 – 19 | News

Welcome to this week’s Red Hot Round-up. Every week, we gather together all of the world’s biggest sunglasses news into one handy article. We also include stories about our new product lines, competitions, and other fun Red Hot Sunglasses news. Last week, we talked about a new company called Skelmet that is using smart phones to measure and fit sports sunglasses so they fit perfectly to the wearer’s face. We also looked at our amazing buying trip to London where we sourced loads more stunning designer glasses and sunglasses to add to our collections. This week, we’re looking at a story of how John Lennon’s broken sunglasses were repaired and sold at auction this week. We’re also taking a look at children’s sunglasses and how important it is to provide children with adequate sun protection!


John Lennon’s Round Sunglasses Turn Up at Auction

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Fashion Friday – NYFW Roundup

Today New York Fashion Week 17 is coming to a close, so let us recap what has been going on. It’s no surprise that there was a heavy element of politics shrouding the event, given what has been going on in the states over the past year. In what seems to be the most turbulent presidential election for decades, we have seen a country divided in to many parts. This was evident in many of the shows this year, many playing on the uniting of the American people, others focusing on the repression of the minorities.


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