Red Hot Round-up | Sunglasses News September 18 – 24 | News

Welcome to yet another Red Hot Round-up! Every week, we try to find out the latest sunglasses news stories covering the fashion, technology, and sports industries — and anything else that takes our fancy! We also include lots of news about ourselves, including competitions, new designer brands, and our buying trips to look for the best new sunglasses collections. Last week, we looked at the various bloggers and Instagrammers talking about our sunglasses. This week, we’re talking about Rossignol’s first eyewear designs and about an exciting new addition to our designer collection: Calvin Klein!

New Collection: Calvin Klein

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6 Performance Eyewear you didn’t know you needed

As the fitness juggernaut continues to sweep the globe, we take you through some performance eyewear that you need to have in your life. In case you hadn’t noticed, people are starting to combine a lot of their day to day outfit with performance wear. A big factor in this is likely to be comfort, because if you live a busy life where you are on your feet a lot a pair of comfy trainers is likely to make you far more productive than some boots. It’s not just enhancing your day to day life, though. Technology is continuously advancing when it comes to performance wear with new ‘boost’ technology in Adidas trainers, ultra lightweight but breathable waterproof systems from Under Armour and super light, durable football boots to name a few. Performance Eyewear, however is right up there with the fast moving sports technology and we are hear to show you exactly why you should think about getting involved.

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Sunglasses to Spend your Student Loan on

It is a magical time for students across the country, the student loan is landing. If you are a fresher, it can be a pretty intense few weeks when you are finding your feet at university, but you soon realise how great student life is. For second year students, or third or fourth and so on you already know the drill. It is around this time that your student loan lands in your bank account and you don’t really know what to do, other than head to the pub. Well, why don’t you spend it on something a bit more worth while? Like some of this seasons hottest sunglasses for example.

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