Red Hot Round-up | Sunglasses News August 14 – 20 | News

Welcome to another Red Hot Round-up here at RHS. Each week we find out the biggest sunglasses news stories and combine them with news about our new designer eyewear collections, competitions, bloggers features, and anything else we think our readers might be interested in. On last week’s round-up we talked about the new arrivals to our Gucci collection and the completely new Smith Optics range here at Red Hot Sunglasses. This week, we’re talking about the new Randolph sunglasses collection here at RHS and we’re looking at some of the top bloggers who have featured our sunglasses recently.

Welcome Randolph Engineering to Red Hot Sunglasses

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Fashion Friday: Why you should stay clear of Fake Luxury goods

Research suggests about three million consumers every year buy fake luxury goods carrying one of the top designer labels, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry or Gucci. Nearly a third of the sales are over the internet. This is a whopping figure, and the majority of consumers already know that what they’re purchasing is not the real deal, a fugaze as Donny Brasco would say. But the majority of consumers have no idea where their money is going, or what their product is even made of. We take a look inside the world’s enormous fake luxury goods market to make you think twice next time you make a purchase.

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Red Hot Round-up | Sunglasses News August 07 – 13| News

Welcome to this week’s Red Hot Round-up. Each week, we find the most recent sunglasses news stories as well some of our own stories (new brands, competitions, giveaways, etc) and put them all in one place. Think of it as catch-up news article for anyone interested in eyewear fashion. Last week, we talked about new technology that allows the lenses in sunglasses to double up as solar panels. This week, we’re talking about the new arrivals to our Gucci sunglasses collection, as well as the completely new Smith Optics sunglasses collection here at RHS.

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