The Red Hot Sunglasses Guide to the Beverly Hills Polo Club Brand

Two university students established Beverly Hills Polo Club in 1982 with the aim of making accessible luxury clothing and eyewear for the whole family. In the last five years, Beverly Hills Polo Club has invested more time and money into developing its line so that it appeals to younger, millennial culture. The brand has an especially west coast aesthetic with a man playing polo as its logo. Obviously, this logo is very reminiscent of Polo by Ralph Lauren, and lots of the cultural reference points are similar too. For instance, there is a strong preference for blues, reds, and whites, all tapping into the American flag and the classic Ivy League preppy style. Beverly Hills Polo Club is incredibly stylish, with the polo and equestrian influence tempering it, giving a cool, sporty edge.

Beverly Hills Polo Club has over 650 stores worldwide and it sells its products in over 70 countries. Ralph Lauren may have been the originator of blending the world of high fashion and polo, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be revitalised! If you look through our collection of Beverly Hills Polo Club eyewear or at their wider range of clothing on their website, you’ll see a well-defined fashion brand with a clear idea of its own style identity.

Another big part of the brand’s identity is that it is connected to Beverly Hills, one of the most affluent parts of Los Angeles. Beverly Hills Polo Club positions itself as a premium brand, whilst maintaining affordability, meaning that everyone can aspire to the glamorous Californian lifestyle. The brand aims to showcase the sporting aspect of polo whilst maintaining the feel of exclusivity you gain through a club. 

The best thing about the Beverly Hills Polo Club brand is that you’ll find clothing and sunglasses that ought to cost hundreds of pounds going for a little less, and they do not skimp on materials or quality. Check out the entire collection of Beverly Hills Polo Club sunglasses at Red Hot Sunglasses today.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Sunglasses