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Animal Brand Guide

British lifestyle brand Animal was conceived with the novel idea that extreme lifestyles require extreme accessories. The Animal eyewear collection is a testament to their history and ‘built for endurance’ spirit which kick-started their collection back in 1987.

Two surfers were the brains behind Animal and were inspired to create more durable wrist-watches that could withstand the conditions of surfing. Setting up a production line in the back-bedroom of their parents’ house, they began to sell their designs and the idea stuck eventually leading to specially tooled , precision crafted versions for snowboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding and mountain biking.

Today, Animal are one of the most daring labels around with a whole host of performance products which are tried, tested and tweaked by their team of pro’s. The Animal eyewear collection is of course, no exception.

With a fresh youthful collection of durable, hand-crafted frames, Animal eyewear manage to gain the perfect fusion of sport and lifestyle. Vibrant colours, sleek designs and playful pieces worthy of any festival, beach get-away or sporting event make Animal one of the hottest and most daring brands on the high street. Adventurous and full of youthful enthusiasm, Animal perfectly define athletic performance technology with a quirky contemporary twist.

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